Apple Inc. (AAPL) Music Now Has Over 11 Million Subscribers

Apple Music

The senior vice presidents of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue appeared on the ‘Talk Show’, a podcast of the acclaimed long time writer John Gruber. The Vice Presidents spoke frankly about the future of Apple products, the present state of the tech giant and what lay ahead for the company.

Cue said that the company had garnered a following which consisted of 11 million subscribers for Apple Music, a notch above the 10 million figure as reported by ‘The Financial Times’ in a news report that had come out a month ago. Cue also mentioned in the podcast that company had 782 iCloud users owing to the fact that many users owned multiple Apple devices.

Gruber also brought forward the issues highlighted by the executive editor of ‘Verge’, Walt Mossberg in his newspaper column where he discussed feature gaps, bugs and performance disturbances that were plaguing the company. To clear the air on such doubts about the apps developed the tech giant, Federighi said, that there was “big responsibility in transitioning the experiences for a lot of these apps.

These are so important to people and we see it every time we change them at all.” He cited the example of Photos and how they had brought about a huge transition in that aspect, which was quite well received by the customer base.

He also said that some of the criticism that had come from their way was mostly from “people nodding” their heads to the general comments that are made on online forums like when people say that ‘”yeah Apple’s quality’s bad, and someone will say, yeah, like when they took away my iPhoto app and replaced it with Photos, I don’t like the new Photos app.” And that’s why they think Apple’s software quality is bad!’

He admitted that appealing to all their users was a risky and tricky act that needed a lot of balancing to be done till they could arrive at a consensus on the feature to be updated. Calling it a “lot of responsibility”, he promised to thoughtfully consider all the aspects of such upgradations.

Gruber also asked them about how the upcoming release of tvOS 9.2, would bring the voice detection software of Siri to the Apple TV as they quipped that they always wanted to create that feature for the Apple TV.

These were a few insights from the show. The entire session with the two biggies of the company can be heard over at ‘Daring Fireball’.