Apple Inc. Beta Software Update for iPhones And iPads Makes Home Screen Redundant

iPhone 6

It has been observed that users using the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS 9’s beta release rarely navigate to the home screen as the new Siri Suggestions screen in iOS has nearly everything that users need. Siri Suggestions is the latest iOS 9 feature that anticipates who the user wants to talk to, which apps he/she wants to use and more. To access it, the user has to swipe to the left of the home screen in iOS 9.

When the user clicks a link from the Siri Suggestions page or selects an app from that page, a button is available which takes the user right back to the Suggestions Screen. So it’s not necessary to click the home button to exit an app if the user accesses that app from the Suggestions page.

This fall, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will be launching the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9 for its iPhones and iPads. By most accounts, the current release of iOS9 is an early version of the software not intended for widespread market release.

Apple has upgraded the search bar in iOS 9 giving it the capability of extracting apps on the user’s iPhone, apps present in the app store, and content present inside Apple apps. It can also pull content from third-party apps, text messages, contact and emails stored in the users’ phones.

The search bar can deal with queries without the need to launch a web browser. In iOS 9, the users can track specific amount of information stored in the phone without needing to recollect which specific app they are stored in. This will be of value if many third party developers opt to incorporate this feature within their apps. If the software works to its full potential, it certainly would be a game changer for the iPhone.

However, the software isn’t perfect yet. The final bug-free version will be launched in the fall.
The technique of displaying recently used apps/contacts with the search feature in iOS9 makes it considerably easy to find things without having to navigate to the home screen. Apple is getting close to Android in terms of this feature as Google Now has been offering contextual information for a long time till now.

However, there exist differences between the two of the leading mobile offerings available in the market. The home screen remains relevant in Android as you can tailor it with whatever you wish. On the other hand with iOS, the home screen is less important as the result of the introduction of the Siri Suggestion page.