Apple & Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Collaboration: Three New iPhone 7 Ads


Tagged as commercials for iPhone 7, these 16-second ads present footage from a recent teaming up between Apple and Johnson, which last week kicked off as a YouTube special. Since then, the video in full length has been published on different social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

“Rock X Siri: Dominate the Day” is an entertaining parody of The Rock’s incessant ambition that can only be backed up by Siri’s special abilities. The video presents The Rock taking on various challenges from the bucket list with the assistance of Apple’s virtual assistant. He chooses from launching his own fashion line to playing traditional Japanese koto music.

Those three ads that were posted were just parts of clips from the short movie. “The Rock x Siri – Kitchen” is the first scene that shows Johnson asking Siri to set a timer to 10 minutes, as he arranges a delicious meal in a fancy French restaurant.

The second clip is called “The Rock x Siri – Sunset Selfie” and it presents Johnson asking Siri to take a selfie of him as he takes a spontaneous walk in space.

“The Rock x Siri – Reminder” is the name of the third ad and in it Johnson sets his reminder to “dominate relentlessly today”, and Siri does that, just after The Rock smashes down the door to his trailer.

All three ads end with “Siri on iPhone”.

It appears that Apple is investing a lot in the Johnson collaboration, which means that the audience should hope for more ads like these from the YouTube film.

Before this campaign “Rock X Siri”, in the past few months commercials by Apple have mostly been centered on iPhone 7’s ability of taking pictures. For example, in May they published a series of “How to shoot on iPhone 7” photography tutorials, together with a website. In June, most recently, there was a more traditional ad that pointed out the feature of Memories that is a part of Photos in iOS 10.