Apple at risk of losing market share if it fails to come up with new MacBooks


According to analysts, this is not the best time for Apple MacBooks. In a report made available by Gartner and IDC revealed that sales of the PC have for the 8th quarter gone down which according to Gartner is the longest duration that has been experienced in the PC industry history.

The two firms said that the total of sales in the 3rd quarter of the year is 68 million PCs showing a further dip of 3.9% from what it was when compared with that of last year which is bad news for the company.

Gartner said Apple is not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with its continuous decline of market share that resulted in a shipment drop of 13.4% to arrive at a market share of 7.2%. This would have been the worst decline so far if not for Acer that has the worst decline of 14.1% with a market share of 6.7%.

One thing that seems to be working against the MacBook is that people all over the world are eagerly waiting for the rumored upgrade of the Air laptop lines and Pro of the MacBook expected to be released this month. This is the reason there seems to be a major drop in sales.

The company is yet to make an upgrade to its MacBook in a year now and has not given the models a new look in many years counting. The last time there was a redesign of MacBook Air was in 2010. As for the MacBook Pro, it has won the same look since 2012.

Apple has always been in high performance when compared to other PCs in sales, but this is about to change should things continue this way.

The back-to-school performance that Apple had in the season which was weak could be another reason for the decline in sales. Parents are not so keen to get their kids new PCs, instead, they dust their old ones and gift it out to them. This is not much of a concern to the kids as long as they have their tablets and smartphones which they majorly use.

The back-to-school season was, however, a good one for Google as it made good sales of its Chromebook laptops that have cheap internet, out-performing Apple MacBooks in sales.

People according to Gartner are not so crazy about new PCs or laptops since their phones can do most of the jobs anyway.

Apple, however, need to do something really fast in order to get back some of the market shares it has lost. Although there is not foreseeable future where people will be more concerned about upgrading their laptops or PCs but have rather moved their interest to the touch screen which is going to be a major challenge for Mac in the years to come.