Apple App Store Outage Prevents Downloading, Logging in iTunes Service for Users

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We are all dependent on the apps we have on our smartphones these days. From the Calendar app which tells you and reminds you of each and every meeting you have planned to the sports app that you value highly because of the constant updates, it provides you with. Imagine not being able to update your favorite app or being denied the chance to download that new trendy app that everyone is using. Well, that seems to what had been happening to App Store users.

Apple app store down

Reports which were coming out showed that some App Store and iTunes services were down for some time before Apple moved in to solve the problem. The services were inaccessible for users and were down for users. Reports indicated that users affected could not log into their accounts at the time; they could not download or update apps from the App Store. Other users indicated that they could not stream previously downloaded content ok the iTunes service.

Various tweets were directed at Apple at the time of the outage by frustrated users who just wanted to use their smartphones as they are intended to work.

At the time of the outage, the Apple system status did not show that there was any problem with any of its services. One Twitter user who wrote about the incident said that he had run into issues with the iTunes service and pop up messages came up which said he could not make purchases at the time, and also showed that he was having problems with logging into his account.

The outage comes a few weeks after another of Apple service’s outage which affected the Apple Music service, iCloud Music Library, and iCloud. Most of the times when the problems like this occur, Apple usually keeps quiet but addresses its customers through the System Status page.

Most experts and analysts have criticized this model and say that Apple should do more to communicate and connect with its customers especially with the upcoming cloud services that Apple will bring. The trust needed in cloud services is much that constant communication between the various stakeholders and clients is a must, most experts believe.

However after fixing the problem, Apple’s System Status page listed that there were some services which had been shut down at some time. The list showed that the services had been out at approximately, 2:30 PM EST, 24 June 2016.

The page also showed that the App Store, Apple TV, the iBooks Store, iTunes Store, and iTunes in the Cloud, the Mac App Store, and the Volume Purchase program had experienced some problems. The company managed to fix all the issues that users were encountering and by 8:30 PM EST, all services were up and running, back to normal.