Apple AirPods – Ways To Buy Them


Finding AirPods for your iPhone 7 can be slightly difficult, and it becomes tricky to locate them. According to some Reddit posters, the best way of purchasing Apple’s AirPods is if you have a strategy, if you are quick and if you do not rely on Apple websites only.

Most users said that the biggest mistake owners commit is that they are going to the Apple Store website instead of going to Apple Store retail locations. One user named TomLube says that there are decent stocks of AirPods in the retail stores.

Another Reddit user called Fblondin claims that Montreal, Canada is the right place for you if you seek new earpieces. He was satisfied with how they fit the ears, and he approved of the sound quality during phone calls.

You can check whether Apple AirPods are on sale at a particular store if you go to the Fruit Basket website. You can see here whether the earphones or any other Apple products are currently available in that shop.

Billywaz is another Reddit user who talked about the usefulness of Fruit Basket and how it helped him find the AirPods efficiently. He mentioned that that order should be booked immediately because it can happen that the store sells every single example while you are driving to pick up your earphones.

Even though there was some controversy about the new AirPods ahead and slightly after the launch, they have received nothing but praise ever since. Publications such as Rolling Stone and Forbes marveled the good sound quality, battery life and wireless convenience of AirPods.

Greg Emmanuel of the Rolling Stone was interviewed, and he declared: “And while $159 is still a pretty penny to spend on far less than audiophile-grade headphones, it’s a bargain for the experience of walking around, totally wire-free, with a personal soundtrack pumped directly into your brain. In a nutshell: pretty cool.”