Apple AirPods: Release Date & News


The long-awaited Apple AirPods were initially set to be delivered in October this year, but the release date was eventually delayed since Apple Inc. realized that their new wireless earphones were still not ready to be launched. Ever since they broke the news, people have been speculating whether AirPods will actually be available by the end of the year or not.

This product is somewhat similar to the earphones previously designed by Apple, but, as the company describes them, they are “wireless, effortless and magical.” These earbuds are Bluetooth-enabled and are characterized by some new features which make them unique. For instance, you can remove AirPods from one ear when you want to pause a track, and you can also use tapping gestures so as to activate the Siri, software agent. Even though the earphones are considered to work best on iOS 10-supporting devices, you can still use them to play audio on any other device which supports Bluetooth.

One of the reasons why AirPods delay has caused a state of turmoil is people’s desire to see these earbuds delivered alongside iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which were eventually launched without headphone ports, much to everyone’s astonishment.

The good news is that they didn’t manage to keep the AirPods’ release date completely secret since a December shipment was noticed by Czech tech publication Letem Svetem Applem on Alza. Thus, the new wireless headphones can already be found for preorder. However, don’t get your hopes up for now, for they are still not available in the company’s Czech store, so you’ll probably have to wait a little bit more before you can buy them. Once they are released, they’ll cost $159 which is a quite hefty price tag for wireless earphones. It will be interesting to see how will they compare with some of the leaders in the market when it comes to quality.