Anthony Joshua Net Worth 2019 and Other Information


Anthony Joshua is making name for himself nowadays. Currently, he is a champion of IBF heavyweight. He holds a record of winning 21 matches by knockout out of 22 matches. We are talking about a celebrity here people. Now, we are going to talk about information that is outside his professional life, and about his net worth.


Joshua was born in Watford, the United Kingdom in 1989. He has both Irish and Nigerian background, and he spent his childhood in Nigeria. His parents have three other children Loretta, Jacob, and Janet. Before he started boxing, he worked in the construction business. Also, he had an interest in other sports like track and football.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua
• Occupation: Professional Boxer
• Wins: 22, Wins by Knock Out: 21, Losses: 0
• Age: 29, Born on the fifteen of October 1989
• Place of Birth: Watford, UK
• Net Worth: $40 million
• Height: 198 cm, Reach: 208 cm
• Weight: Heavyweight
• Boxing Stance: Orthodox
• Zodiac: Libra
• Professional Career: 2013 – today

The Career


He started boxing at the age of eighteen, as an amateur of course. His first club was Finchley ABC in London. In 2009, he won the Haringey Box Cup, which was his first silverware in the career. A year later, he won ABA championship as a senior. Certain sponsors offered him over $70 million to became a professional boxer. However, he rejected their proposal.

His choice was to continue as an amateur. That same year, he won another championship. That championship was Great Britain Amateur Boxing Championship. In the year 2011, he was awarded Amateur Boxer of the year. At the Olympic games in London, in 2012, he won a gold medal. These were his first Olympic games, and he came back with a gold medal.


In 2013, he decided to go pro. His first professional match was against the Italian Leo Emanuele on the fifth of October that same year. The match was won by knock out. He continued to win matches with k.o. In 2014, the score was 9-0, after he won in a match against Denis Bakhtov. Most likely, his most important match of the career is one when he won over Wladimir Klitschko.

Net Worth


As of January 2019, Anthony Joshua`s net worth is around $40 million. After his win at the match with Parker, he took home about 20 million pounds. About the same amount of money was won after he won a match with Russian Povetkin. Anthony Joshua has a lot of sponsorships signed with various companies like Hugo Boss, Jaguar, Beats, etc.

How Will Be Joshua`s Next Opponent?


Some information is saying that Joshua`s next opponent will be the winner of Fury vs Wilder match, which will occur on the first of December. When journalists asked Joshua who he wants to fight next, his response was that if we would choose the next opponent, that would definitely be Wilder. However, he said that there is no contract signed at the moment. So, we will need to wait to find out who will it be.