Must-Have Android Apps For 2024


We can all forget our jackets, keys, and wallets at home, however, we never leave the house without taking our smartphones. Of course, everyone uses it in different ways – some people like to play games, others to read books on it, while some prefer to read the news and listen to music while they commute to and from work. But, some of the apps that you can install can be extremely useful.

If you are thinking about whether or not you are missing on the benefits of some smartphone apps, fear not, this article has got your back! The text below is going to feature a list of the top 10 must-have Android applications for 2024. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. For Finding Restaurant – ‘Zomato’

You might like eating out or you might be simply searching for a great place to take your partner, and if so, Zomato is for you. It is one of the most useful apps that you can install, especially since it will allow you to easily find restaurants that are close to you, you can browse pictures of the venue and menu, and you can also read the testimonials and reviews of other people. Additionally, you can also book tables and find a wide range of discounts that might fit your budget better.

2. For Making Mobile Payments – ‘Google Pay’

By installing this app, you’ll be able to add any card type that you have in an easy and entire safe manner. Unlike some other apps that people had major problems with, this one will keep all of your banking information safe, and they’ll never share any details nor credit card numbers. In fact, this application offers a virtual card number that can be utilized for keeping all of your crucial information safe.

3. For Protecting Your Phone – ‘Kaspersky Antivirus’

If you want to keep your device safe from threats and malware, you should definitely opt for getting this virus detection program, more specifically, Kaspersky Antivirus. It is capable of searching through your browsing history, microSD card, and it can also check your internal storage.

4. For Tracking Your Smartphone – ‘TheTruthSpy’

No one wants to lose their smartphone, especially since all of your contacts, pictures, videos, and sensitive information such as your banking details might be on it. However, TheTruthSpy is here to help. With it, you’ll be able to track your lost or stolen phone, which means that you’ll know the location of your device. Hence, no matter where your phone is, you’ll be able to find its location in a manner of seconds.

5. For Scanning Documents – ‘CamScanner’

If your job requires you to go through a lot of documents and, perhaps, distribute them to other employees, this app is a must-have. It will allow you to utilize your camera for scanning papers and documents. It also features smart cropping tools and auto boosting tools that will make everything look sharp and clear. Once you scan the things you need, you can easily share them with other people in PDF or JPEG formats.

6. For Listening to Music – ‘Spotify’

You might like listening to music while traveling to school or work, and if so, you should know that you need to install Spotify on your phone. Why? It will allow you to access millions of songs, as well as thousands of genres that you might not hear about before. With it, it can allow you to listen to all your favorite albums, you can browse through a wide range of songs, and you can also create your own playlists.

7. For Watching Your Favorite Movies And TV Dramas – ‘Hulu’

You might enjoy watching TV dramas and movies while traveling, and if so, you should know that one of the best apps that you can get is Hulu. It will grant you access to a wide range of new movies and TV shows that you can stream online. What most people love about it is that it can be customized, hence, you’ll be able to choose between several options for live TV, additionally, you’ll be able to select on-demand channels.

8. For Translating – ‘Google Translate’


For a lot of people who love traveling all over the world, the Google Translate app has become their faithful travel companion. It has the ability to translate more than 103 languages and it can be used offline for approximately 60 languages that are most commonly used all over the world. Additionally, there is an instant camera feature that can translate more than 35 languages, hence, you can simply scan a package while in Japan, and you’ll know exactly what it is.

9. For Keeping Your Passwords Safe – ‘LastPass’

All of us are always worried about the security of our social media accounts, but, with LastPass, you can have a password manager and locker in one application. It works quite simple, it will lock all of your passwords, as well as sensitive information secured in a ‘safe’. Additionally, you can access various websites and platforms, hence, you can easily do your shopping, visit all of your accounts, and so on.

10. For Tracking Your Spending – ‘Mint’

Last, but not least important, there is an app that will keep track of all of your spending. This app is basically a money manager that will help you manage your finances. This application is something that all of us need, and it will create different diagrams that can be completely customized. Hence, if you were ever wondering where your monthly salary is going, install this app and determine what you might need to change in order to save more money every month.


As you can see, there is a wide range of apps that you can choose to install on your smartphone device. Not only are they all beneficial, safe, and reliable, but, some of them can help you with some things such as finding the best restaurant near you or helping you track your stolen or lost phone.

So, now that you know what you might want to get for your phone, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you might want to go back to the beginning of this article and determine which applications might be useful for you, as well as which ones can help you with the daily problems you have.