BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has been trying hard to get rid of the recent setbacks it had faced due to obvious reasons. But things don’t seem to fall in line with its efforts. According to a customer survey report from CIOs, the analysts of Morgan Stanley predict that the market position of BlackBerry may not be favorable in the coming quarters.

Road So Far

MobileIron results into well-directed purchase intentions with regard to mobility, but BlackBerry doesn’t seem to cash in most of the opportunities. The recent trends give a clear cut idea that the company is not able to focus entirely on innovation. Analysts of Goldman Sachs have studies one other report based on company’s Value Added Reseller surveys. They can clearly foresee BlackBerry Software inclining at a rate of 70% year on year compared to the smartphone maker’s prediction of 100% growth.

Market Surveys May Not Give A Clear Picture

The financial release of MobileIron from last week highlights that the current market conditions are extremely dynamic. It’s a clear indication that indicators from customer surveys cannot remain same over time. They cannot provide a clear picture to the audience. Even though, the survey reports state that BlackBerry may not be able to have a favorable time in the near future, but the recent announcement of company’s quarterly results speaks otherwise.

Security Is Top Most Concern For CIOs

The recent initiative taken by Morgan Stanley analysts to survey a few top-notched CIOs unveiled that security remains the most important concern for senior leaders. In this section, no vendor can beat BlackBerry, which has over 70 security certificates and years of experience. With a globally secured & encrypted network and an average transfer of 35 petabytes mobile data every month, it sits ahead of all the other companies.

Even though the recent financial results have not supported BlackBerry’s long-term vision, but the company is capable of coming out of this situation, and will do so in the near future.


  1. Why are all the articles from this website written by people from India??

  2. Actually most of the market is down today I think due to Feds/US economy news…Morgan Stanley is becoming irrelevant every day 🙂

  3. Does James Faucette still have a job? As far as Morgan Stanley is concern. The company has been wrong so many times before, that it really doesn’t matter what they predict. Except it’s influence the s/p of BlackBerry in the short run. But the company will recover quickly. By the middle of next week everything will be back to normal. Long BB. 🙂

  4. As others have stated, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are heavily involved in MobileIron and are the Investment Bankers behind this start-up. MobileIron just announced a quarter that missed their revenue number due to ” a number of large deals that missed the quarterly cut-off date”. In reality, they are giving away more than they can actually sell due to Blackberry uncooperatively “failing to fail”. Clearly they are in panic mode and are lashing out to try and save something from this pending train wreck. I can only imagine their telemarketers pumping this “stock” to their customers with the promises of huge returns with limited downside risks.

    However, it does provide another example of the prevailing level of corruption that Wall Street not only embraces but encourages.

  5. This is how the market is manipulated “legally”. You get some organization like Morgan Stanley claiming to be a heavy weight in the investment arena stating their “opinion” would affect the stocks of companies they talk about!

  6. It is difficult to give weight to anything from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sach’s position, in terms of BBRY, as they are both heavily invested in MOBL. Conflict of interest possibilities tell me this information is unsafe to rely on.

    Also, Morgan Stanley claimed that BBRY only sold 8,000 Classics and Passports in the last quarter. Needless to say, that was clearly false information and was off by a long shot.


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