An Informative TimeLine of Online Contests

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Online contests are now a common practice for marketers of various brands. Almost anyone with an online presence which operates in the consumer market bends to the will of the crowd by hosting events of engagement. In recent researches, the highest yielding interactive event was declared online contests and competition. In addition to providing a platform for a brand and its client to interact, the contest also provides an opportunity of engagement for both ends. When this practice was followed with a prize for the winning contestant, the notion of brand awareness was also introduced into the mix.

Hence the timeline of online contests started from the idea of a brand actively engaging with its customers or potential customers. To make this activity even more yielding, an incentive in the form of a gift or prize was added. However, much to anyone’s dismay, a brand, regardless of stature cannot give out free prizes for everyone. Hence a challenge was introduced into the equation. This challenge was to get votes on one’s entry in the contest. With the catch being the number of votes over the quality of them. The participant with the greatest number of votes had a rightful claim on the offered prize.

Notion of Excelling at Online Contests

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Once the concept was widely accepted, marketers from all around the world deployed the tactic to actively engage with their customer. Sales went up and brand reputation was positively influenced. For varying platforms, even a platform as substantial as facebook included. Moving on to the consumer side of the spectrum, the participants are faced with the challenge to leave their mark in the contest. This challenge still exists to date.

Fortunately, as already mentioned, winning such contests required getting a substantial number of votes on one’s entry in the contest. The case holds true for contests hosted on Facebook as well. This then requires the participants to buy facebook votes, and win the online contest with great ease. Once a professional vendor has been selected, the next rational step is to invest in the option of offering a suitable number of votes and then finalizing it.

Different Platforms, Same Mechanism

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With contests enjoying the immense popularity that they currently have, contests have been common practices on multiple platforms. While the platform or rather the interface of the contest might have changed, the rest remains the same. The notion of competing in terms of numbers is embodied in the fabric of online contests. Hence to win, a participant still needs to get votes on his or her side.

For an interface such as captcha, the requirements remain the same. Buy captcha votes, and excel in the concerning contest. Similar will be the case for varying platforms. As the timeline suggests, all online contests work in a similar manner and are found on a standard set of principles. This then creates a reason for winning and a set of deployed tactics which can pave the way to victory based on the similarity of the context of varying online contests.