Superhero movies are all the rage lately, and there is nothing weird that it has spilled all over the automotive industry. Recently you could witness to Iron Man version of the new Kona, and Jeep did something in 2016 as well when they partnered with DC and created a Dark Knight-themed Renegade. As you know, there is a whole lot of cars used in superhero and villain movies which have been successfully recreated over the years, but this one is something else and a bit more unique.

This time we have something from the dark side for you, and it is the BMW i8 which is inspired by Jared Leto’s Joker character in DC’s relatively new Suicide Squad movie. The i8 is by itself a sharp and aggressive vehicle, but when mated to the insane personality of the Joker character from the screen, it looks like it is out of this world. This one is a clear contrast to the Dark Knight-themed i8 that was showcased just a week ago.

BMW i8 side

The Joker i8 was created by artist Rene Turrek who actually has some previous success in feats like this. He also designed the Captain America Ford Mustang and the Iron Man Lamborghini Aventador. The latest project, the one you see here, comes with 357 HP 1.5 L three-cylinder hybrid powertrain setup which could satisfy any villain’s need for power and crazy at any time of the day.

The design is as wicked as the Joker character in Suicide Squad is, with the bright three-tone red, green, and silver base finish and the Joker’s face painted on the hood, showing off his signature pose, which completes the overall baddie look. There is a whole bunch of the various logos from the film, while the word “HA” is scattered all over the body of the vehicle, inspired by the numerous tattoos Jared Leto wore in the movie.

BMW i8 front

What is a cherry on top of all this is the fact that the car has been fitted with LED lighting fixtures on the hood, and side panels in order to pronounce the various angles and words on the body of the car. But not to smother you anymore, have a look for yourself and see if you will be amazed as we were when we saw it!



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