Alexa Bliss Remains The Champion After No Mercy


We should have had a fatal four-way battle for the Women’s Championship before we found out that Bayley was going to be in the title match on the last edition of Monday Night Raw for the No Mercy pay per view. In the end, just as the fans expected, she really had no reason to be in this fight as she didn’t add a single thing to it. As a matter of fact, she was the one that looked the worse since she has taken the pin.

The match itself was pretty predictable. We knew going into this match that Emma was not going to play a big role and that she should just be glad to be there. We also kind of knew the way WWE was going to book Nia Jax here. She is the dominant force in the Women’s division. Nobody can stop her on their own, so there was a good chance that other women were going to gang up on her and take her out.

That was the plan going into this match. She was taken out by the babyfaces with Sasha Banks and Bayley working together and going after Alexa Bliss next. All of that was pretty predictable. The only thing that we have left to guess correctly was Alexa walking away with the win and escaping with the title. That is actually exactly what happened.

The match itself was good, but the booking was predictable. Now, Alexa is still the champion, and we are wondering what is going to come next for this division that is a bit boring right now. In the coming weeks, we are going to find out what is next for Alexa and the rest of the girls on the red brand.