Alcatel A5 LED – Tacky or Beautiful?


It is hard for one phone to stand out in today’s overcrowded market, and even though features such as multiple cameras and sub-8mm thickness that used to be out of the ordinary are now common, but the Alcatel A5 LED managed to draw a lot of attention. It has done so because it consists of an abundance of RGB LEDs that perform a light show every time you receive a notification, play music or for any other possible reason.

Some will find it kitsch, but Alcatel definitely managed to pull this off. The A5 LED sports multicolor LEDs, and they are located behind a frosted back cover that diffuses the light, while there is also a black honeycomb pattern because of which this phone isn’t too flashy.

The LEDs light up each time you receive some kind of notification or wake up the phone out of standby, but luckily, Alcatel added an app called Light Show where you can select what causes those lights to fire up. For instance, if you play music, the lights will form a histogram, or when you receive a Facebook notification, the lights will take the shape of “F” in blue color, but you can also customize your own patterns.

The purpose of this light show on the Alcatel A5 LED is to spice things up, and they are not just cheap Christmas lights that stand still – they go up and down and glow in different forms. There are some presets for their motions such as fireworks, meteors, stars and rain.

Frankly speaking, who would want to have a phone that will glow all the time? I mean, most of the people would be thrilled to see a phone with an interesting light show but to have it is a completely different story. Fortunately, Alcatel allows you to replace the lights with the things like an enlarged battery pack, leaving you with a rather boring phone.

It may draw your attention at first, but there is not much to the Alcatel A5 LED. It is equipped with a 5.2-inch 720p IPS LCD screen, which is slightly outdated as some other phones that carry the same price tag feature a 1080p display and that is a bit disappointing. Furthermore, the rear camera comes with an 8MP sensor, while the phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and not Android 7.0 Nougat.

Alcatel A5 LED Price

The A5 LED sports MediaTek MT6753 CPU which has had some issues with 1080p phones in the past, but it works fine in the new Alcatel since it comes with a 720p screen. Moreover, the phone has 2,800 mAh battery and 16 GB of storage that can be expanded by microSD. The starting price of the Alcatel A5 LED will be €200 in Europe.