Alberto El Patron Says WWE Is Bad For Wrestling Business


There is no doubt that there is a lot of bad blood between Alberto El Patron and the WWE. Ever since he left the company, he has been talking about them in a negative way, bashing them as an organization and the people that they are working there. Clearly, he didn’t appreciate how he was used in the WWE at the end of his first run as well as during his second stint with the company.

WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, and they are the dream of most wrestlers all around the world. It is the place that can give you the most mainstream exposure, the place where you can earn the most money and the place which gives you the biggest platform to perform. Everybody wants to be in the main event of the Wrestlemania as it is the grandest show in all of the wrestling.


Since they have all the power, they are attracting all the best wrestlers. The problem here is the fact that they are not using everybody that they sign and some of the talents that come to the company go to waste, their stock gets hurt while they haven’t even been given a true shot. El Patron, or Del Rio if you will, said this about the influence of the WWE.

“It’s horrible for the business, but you cannot blame that company. That company is doing what a company is supposed to do – monopolize, get the best talent from everywhere, and try to destroy the competition. They’re smart, you cannot blame them. The problem is with the talent. Just going there to be there with the promise of being on TV, but not even charging good money for your work, is not good business. We as wrestlers need to remember that this is a business.”