Alberto Del Rio Wants To Be Back With The WWE


It’s safe to say that Alberto Del Rio burned a lot of bridges after he left the WWE. His first run with the company was pretty good as he was the WWE Champion for a while and was made to look really good. Then, most of the people were excited to see him back with the biggest organization in the business for his second run.

During the Hell in a Cell pay per view, he answered John Cena’s United States open challenge and won the title from The Franchise. After that, it looked like his second stint with the WWE was going to be a waste and that ended up being the case. League of Nations stable didn’t do him any favors.

Before you knew it, he was back on the Indy scene. While he was doing that, Del Rio didn’t keep quiet about his former employers and the company that he has worked for. A lot of things have been said, bashing Vince McMahon and Triple H even more, are just two of the many examples of the bridge burning that we talked about.

Now, it seems that he is blaming it all on his former girlfriend, also a WWE employee, Paige. He thought that the company didn’t treat her the right way. Del Rio realizes that he made a mistake and that he was wrong.

When he was asked about the possible WWE return, he said that he wants it. Del Rio already talked to Triple H, wanting to apologize and to make things right with the man for whom he didn’t have many kind words just a couple of months ago. Time heals all wounds, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not Del Rio makes his return in 2018.