Akira Tozawa Wins Cruiserweight Title at WWE Raw


Akira Tozawa fought Neville on Monday for the Cruiserweight Championship. He managed to beat his nemesis and win the title for the first time in his career. Neville held the Cruiserweight Title for more than 200 days, and he was considered to be a favorite in this match. Several wrestlers wanted to get a chance for a title at one of the year’s biggest pay-per-views.

Michael Killam of WrestleZone tweeted: “They spent 200 days building up Neville as this great champion. I’m kinda disappointed we didn’t get that moment at SummerSlam. Meh. #RAW”

Meanwhile, Bleacher Report’s Kevin Berge wrote: “Akira Tozawa has the ability to be a quality Cruiserweight Champion. I just hate that he ended Neville’s great reign before #SummerSlam #Raw”

Tozawa and Ariya Daivari were potential challengers, and participants in the title match, plus, we could see Daivari beat the King of the Cruiserweights by count-out after Tozawa got involved. Several weeks ago, Tozawa and Daivari met in the ring, and the winner was supposed to compete against Neville in a match expected to be SummerSlam. Even though Tozawa’s shoulder was injured, he defeated Daivari, thus paying him back for the previous loss when Titus O’Neil threw in the towel.

Source: f4wonline.com

On top of that, we know that Neville and Tozawa previously met on the Kickoff Show before Great Balls of Fire, and this was their second large duel. Tozawa somehow managed to get another title shot as he was the best option in a cruiserweight division, even though he lost to Neville at Great Balls of Fire. On the other hand, prior to the fight with Tozawa, Neville easily defeated Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann, but also Austin Aries, who has been released recently.

Tozawa deserved to be a champion, and recently, he has gained a large number of followers and fans who like his energetic personality, in-ring style of combat and association with Titus Worldwide. Neville, on the other hand, is not particularly a fan of the audience, which made the match an ideal clash of different people but fighting styles as well. Congrats Tozawa, that’s what we have to say.