AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series Has Match-of-the-Year Potential


With little over a week to Survivor Series, we are getting great news since AJ Styles will be facing Brock Lesnar. This is now possible to happen as AJ won the duel with Jinder Mahal making the next event even better.

Without a doubt, the battle between The Phenomenal One and The Beast Incarnate is going to be a real treat for all fans.

Looking at what these wrestlers can do, we can say that the Christmas has come early. While this might be advertised as a David-vs.-Goliath battle, we are sure that these top performers and top titleholders will show why they are at the position they currently occupy. Incredible power and athleticism exhibit are guaranteed, so we expect to see pretty much all fans more than satisfied.

Jinder Mahal was a champion for few months, something that not many expected to happen and it seemed that he might be going into the ring against Lesnar on November 19. To many fans delight, we could see Styles taking that championship belt from The Maharaja, sending fans in Manchester, England into a frenzy.

With this move, the company managed to significantly elevate the Survivor Series main event.

When you think about the battle between universal titleholder and WWE champ you need to have that feeling of greatness, but with Mahal vs. Lesnar, that simply wasn’t the case. Certainly, one to blame here is Jinder as in the eyes of many fans he didn’t deserve the title. Now, with AJ in the picture, this seems like the best matchup for Lesnar since he faced CM Punk all the way back in 2013.

Even before promotion experts like Paul Heyman had a chance to sell this duel as a big thing, we did get that feel of greatness. Here is the comment from Vaughn Johnson of Philly.com:

When it comes to in-ring action and expectations, fans will enjoy a great combination of raw power that Lesnar has and Styles’ speed and agility. Both wrestlers will have their moments, and different approach to battle will be noticed.

Last few duels that Lesnar had were all against big guys like Samoa Joe, Goldberg and Braun Strowman. This resulted in pretty short fights that reminded us of two rams that are smashing their horns. Match against Styles will be completely different and The Beast Incarnate will have more opportunities to show his skill.

The war between these two superstars will be similar to Lesnar’s duel with Punk as AJ will need to be quick if he wants to parry to a man that is significantly bigger than him. Size is definitely on Lesnar’s side meaning that Styles will need to outsmart his rival.

Another thing worth mentioning about AJ is that he usually brings out the best of his opponent. This is something that was obvious in his clash with Mahal. The Maharaja didn’t show much in the last few months, but on Tuesday, he really did perform well.

We are used to seeing The Phenomenal One performing great.

Here is what Michael Hamflett of WhatCulture said: “Styles has become a modern-day Bret Hart. An artist that has chosen a 20×20 canvas to grace with his work.”

How good AJ Styles is shown in his ratings from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This is something like the Internet Wrestling Database. Total 12 of 20 PPV duels that this guy had received four or more stars which is just incredible.

This wrestler was a part of few classics, and we can remember his duels with Cena, Reigns and James Ellsworth. In all these contests he managed to elevate the performance of each of his opponents.

Lesnar is next on the list, and we will definitely see some magic.

We are sure that The Beast Incarnate is very happy with the change that the company made by inserting AJ into this battle instead of Mahal. Brock will have the chance to shine, and we are sure that The Phenomenal One will help him out with this.

Our expectations are high, and we think that these two will bring out their A games demonstrating all the beauty of this show. Without a doubt, this match has a chance to be a memorable one and the brightest part of the entire event.