AirSelfie – A Flying Selfie Camera Is Launched


AirSelfie Holdings produced a pocket-sized camera drone which will allow you to take selfies more easily than before. The drone is equipped with a 5 MP camera, but the customers will also get a 4 GB micro SD memory card.

The AirSelfie will help you take photos or even record videos from the air. The weight of this new device is only 52 grams, and it can hover for three minutes. Moreover, the maximum height the device can reach is 20 meters.

The AirSelfie can be connected to the best smartphones such as Huawei P9, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Google Pixel and iPhone (From iPhone6 to iPhone7 Plus). If you want to attach this device to your phone, you will need a special cover. The purpose of this cover is also to recharge your AirSelfie. Its 260 mAh battery can be fully charged in just 30 minutes.

After you are done with taking pictures, the device will fly down to the owner who can use Wi-Fi to transfer the photos directly to smartphone. The AirSelfie also integrates directly with the social media so that you can post photos really quickly, with no trouble at all.

Edoardo Stroppiana, co-founder of AirSelfie said: “Our team of 60 seasoned technology professionals and enthusiasts researched, designed and created a flying camera that exceeds all current standards. We saw an increasing need for a device that goes beyond a selfie stick, allowing users to take pictures from all angles, and we’re excited to introduce AirSelfie to Millennials and consumers around the world. It sets a completely new bar for the market.”

AirSelfie Price and Release

The AirSelfie is available on Kickstarter, and the first 1,000 people who decide to order the device will pay only $199. Once it goes on sale in March next year, it will cost $300. Check out the photos here.