7 Benefits of Adding Greens to Your Baby’s Diet


Feeding the right food to your baby is very important. You can give solid foods to your new-born baby after six months. It is necessary to provide all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep your little one. Many people provide ready-made baby food, but it is better to prepare fresh food for them. There is a common doubt in every parent’s mind, whether they can provide greens to their tot.

Well, the consumption of green veggies is quite healthy for adults as well as infants. In the following write-up, we will discuss some benefits of adding greens to your baby’s diet. You can also provide fresh vegetable weaning pouches from babease.co to make them fit and healthy. After knowing all the benefits, you will start adding green veggies to your infant’s diet. Let us check out those essential benefits.

How Can You Feed Green Vegetables to Your Baby?


Feeding raw food to your infant will be quite hazardous for their health. In the beginning, you have to introduce such food in the form of puree, which should be cooked well. You never know how much your baby likes it. There are plenty of green veggies like spinach, broccoli, kale, beans, peas, etc., which should be cooked puree.

It is safe to consume it in such a way. You can use a strainer to avoid large chunks before feeding it to your little one. It is important to feed the meal full of vitamins and minerals. If your infant is not like the puree, you can mix it with mashed potatoes, rice, etc. If your baby loves to eat bread, you can also apply it over the piece and give it to your little one.

Benefits of Adding Greens to Your Baby’s Diet

1. Helps in Hydration

Green vegetables are full of water, and if your infant consumes them, then there will be no hydration problems. Your baby’s body will keep hydrated, and it will make his skin shiny and soft. Sometimes, tots do not consume enough water and hence, suffer from many health issues.

These vegetables overcome the deficiency of water in our body and hence, keeps away from dehydration problems. There will be no unnecessary fever and discomfort if your little one has a sufficient amount of water.

2. Helps in Killing Intestinal Worms


Many babies are attacked with intestinal worms in their stomachs or outer lining. These are parasitic worms, which leads to stomach pain, unnecessary discomfort, loose motions, constipation, and much more.

It will make your baby sick and weak. You can get rid of this problem by feeding green vegetables to your baby in the form of puree or another soft form. Green leafy vegetables help remove such worms and pests from the stomach and give relief to your baby.

3. Liver Protection

The liver is considered the strong organ in our body, but it is quite prone to many infections. Infants are quite sensitive as compared to adults. You need to take care of their liver by providing green vegetables.

These veggies provide a covering to the liver and help in protecting it from harmful infections. If you can provide organic ingredients to your little one, then what is the need to provide medicines. You have to work on immunity so that your baby stays fit.

4. Relieves Gastric Problems


Due to the immaturity of intestines and stomach in babies, they can get gastric problems. If you are giving medicines to cure such an issue, then you are making a mistake. You can feed healthy food, through which there will be no gastric problems at all.

If you want to prevent discomfort in your infant, then it is better to provide green veggies, like spinach. Make sure that you use clean and green leaves to make food. It is fine to feed this ingredient once a week.

5. Works as a Laxative

Many babies suffer from constipation, and it is necessary to provide fibrous food to get rid of this problem. Leafy vegetables are perfect for providing sufficient fibers to them. It will help in regulating the digestive system and keep your infant healthy from inside.

The bowel movement becomes easy because veggies contain lots of water, pushing the stool out of the intestine. If your little one cries for the whole day without any reason, then you must feed these vegetables and check whether there is any improvement or not.

6. Provides Vitamins and Minerals


Your baby can get all the vitamins like A, K, E, C, folate, thiamine, etc., from leafy vegetables. These vitamins help in increasing immunity and make your infant healthy. When your little one grows up, it is necessary to provide all the vitamins and minerals to keep him strong and healthy.

Minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, etc., are necessary for brain development and overall growth. A good diet will help your infant grow and become healthy. If your little one lacks hemoglobin, then you should feed spinach once a week.

7. Relieves from Urinary Infections


Many babies get urinary infections in case of any deficiency. Leafy vegetables have antimicrobial properties, which help in fighting against all infections. When you feed your infant green veggies, then the scope of getting urinary infections will reduce, and your little one will get relief from it.

The Bottom Line

A baby diet can be complicated to understand in the beginning. But you must feed food full of vitamins, minerals, fibers, etc. Suppose you can treat your little one’s health problems with food, then why you should give medicines. It is better to avoid medicines when you can treat it well with green vegetables.

Initially, introducing a new ingredient can be challenging because you do not know whether the little one will like it or not. But veggies are a must, and therefore, you can mix it with other ingredients like potatoes, rice, etc. There are many ways to feed your baby if you know how to try it.