Adapting a Smart Home- Impact on Humanity


A decade is not so long ago, yet 10 years ago, you weren’t thinking your best pool cleaner would be a robot! Yes, check out RoboticPoolCleanersCompared for the whole range of robots being used in home these days.

It was almost unimaginable to assume that your home’s security systems, lights and so on could be controlled via your smartphone.

It’s as though the smart home has completely taken over. Without mincing words, technology in this market has grown in leaps and bounds over the last half decade; and will still keep experiencing exponential growth. With devices such as Alexa, Amazon Echo and Google Home breaking frontiers in this industry, artificial intelligence keeps holding us in awe.

A new challenge, however, arises. We need to answer this question: How do we blend our humanity with all this ‘smartness’ around us?

What is the Impact of Adapting a Smart Phone on Our Humanity?

Security vs Privacy


Perhaps, more than ever, there is a clash between being secure and the smart life impinging on our privacy. How far are we willing to share our physical space with non-humans? Hence, we would have to find a critical blend between being (and feeling) secure and maintaining our strong sense of privacy.   

Can Smart Home Devices Be Integrated to Make Us More Human?

One of the challenges of humanity is forgetfulness- we tend to forget the little things, over time. This, for example, is one factor that breaks marriages. Could out smart home devices help save our homes? Could they remind us to take out the thrash, to clean up after eating or using the washroom?

This way, we know what to do before things go awry- and are constantly reminded of our wrongdoings- making us unable to tune off our consciences.

If they can help us be more particular about our actions, they might actually complement our humanity, instead of competing with us in our own homes!

Sharing Data Can Help Pre-empt and Resolve Our Needs


Have you ever thought of the possibility of your fridge ordering the food you need? How about setting your house to your preferred lighting and temperature before you even arrive home? With the evolution of the smart home, this is what we’re looking at. With the data shared with smart devices, products can be built to serve us better; thus increasing the amount of time we spend with other humans.

More Security Concerns?

It would be naïve to assume that security wouldn’t have to be further beefed up with smartphone networks and smart homes. As a result of data sharing (which has its benefits), you are more at risk of getting robbed, or your home getting hacked; for example, but if these scenarios are taken care of in advance, then the smart homes would be, without doubt, the best thing to happen to family life.   

Smart Kitchen Appliances on the Rise


And what if your oven is connected to your voice-activated artificial intelligence system e.g. Alexa? Damn, that would be cool! What this means is that you might be able to cook up a storm- wait for it- while you’re at work!

This would be of particular importance when one has to work for long hours and would be too tired to cook on getting home. Wouldn’t it be welcome for you to be cooked for, for a change?


The world of smart devices, and consequently, the smart home network will see saving more and more time on basic home tasks and would give you more time to face other humans, and sort out the problems ravaging our societies.

We would, however, need to beef up security to fully enjoy these benefits.

Nonetheless, what’s not to love about adapting a smart home?