Adam Cole Wins The First Ever North American Championship


When you talk about the opening matches on the big pay per view events, this is how that clashes should look. The fans want great action right from the getgo, that is when they are the hottest and they were really willing to support the six guys that have battled in this North American Title Ladder match at the NXT Takeover New Orleans.

Triple H and the booking team really let them battle it out and give us a great championship fight. The thing that was awesome here is that everybody looked good and everybody got the time to shine. Clearly, the crowd wanted to see Ricochet in his first match on the Takeover. He was as hot as anybody on the show. Ricochet did not disappoint in his first appearance that is for sure.

Dain and Sullivan did their job well. To be honest, Sullivan was pretty impressive, played a great giant in this match and had some amazing segments, including the one spot on the ladder.

Ricochet was the favorite here, there is no doubt about that, but Triple H made a good move by having him come so close, and fall to Adam Cole in the end. Ricochet did everything right, the championship was within his grasp when Cole took him out and climbed the ladder to claim his first title since coming over to the WWE.

Now, we would not be surprised if Adam Cole and Ricochet start feuding. It seems that is is the perfect clash right now, something that is going to get the new star over and probably easily transition Adam Cole to the main roster in a couple of months.

Anyway, the history was made and Adam Cole has become the first-ever North American Champion.