Ad-Free Social Network Ello Is Now on Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone

iPhone 6

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), the largest social network on the planet, has always attracted competition from developers and companies trying to duplicate the same success. But sometimes this competition creates something unique and different than Facebook. Take Ello for example, this social network created for artists by artists, generated a lot of fuss last year by registering record number of users within the first month of launch. However, the growth declined slowly in the last year.

This social network featured an ad-free interface that attracted many. After 10 months in the development, Ello is ready to launch its app for iOS.

Ello App For iOS

The iOS app of Ello features a simple interface similar to its web version. At the bottom of the App screen, five options can be seen: Discover Notifications, Friends / Noise Feed, Profile and Compose. Most of these are pretty easy to understand. The ‘Discover’ options features top stories curated by the users at Ello. The app also includes a link to invite friends to the social network.

The company uses an encryption technology to process user’s contact information and none of it is stored on its servers, according to Paul Budnitz, the CEO of Ello.

Potential for Success

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has made available numerous apps on iOS for access on iPhone, iPad and other products. Some of these apps have experienced massive success. Ello’s strategy to allow iPhone users to subscribe to their site with an app might just be an attempt to expand its audience. Recently, the company has seen the difference in how users utilize the social network.

The site, which was initially used by artists to showcase their work, is now being used to post everyday updates. The company has accordingly introduced features in the app that are similar to Facebook.

Ello has planned to generate revenue by featuring product streams over its network. These streams will feature individual and commercial products. And one can order the product right from the app. Though, the idea seems appealing, it remains to be seen if Ello succeeds in getting a larger user database.