According to Jim Ross The Rock will wrestle again only if..


If you have been watching WWE wrestling in the past few decades, then you know just who Jim Ross is. The WWE announcer has called, announced, or at least watched some of the greatest matches in the history of this show. With a career spanning over thirty years, this comes as no surprise.

Recently he was a guest at A.V. Club Live and was asked various questions by the host and the audience alike. One of the questions posted by a reader was: ‘What dream match would Ross like to see happening?’

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As someone, who was in the business of wrestling for so long, many names were in the mix. The current powerhouses such as Brown Strowman or Brock Lesnar were on top of the list or at least that was what the audience thought. And, he confirmed that from the matches that could actually happen he would love to see a Strowman vs. Lesnar. He called this duel a ’car crash.’ Surprisingly, or not so much, the names that Jim Ross put into the mix were all former wrestlers that probably will never wrestle again such as Sean Michaels and Steve Austin. Also, he mentioned, no more and no less, the People’s Champion. It is evident that Ross, the WWE Hall of Famer, holds The Rock in high esteem.

But, he didn’t say who would be the ideal opponent for Dwayne Johnson but instead he concluded that former WWE Champion would most likely never wrestle again. He only said that the only reason for why would Dwayne ever returned to the WWE is his President candidacy. At that moment the host of A.V. Club Live suggested The Rock vs. President Trump match. Nevertheless, Jim continued in a serious tone and said the following. Ross is of the opinion that if The Rock wants to be President of the United States, he would need to reconnect with WWE audience. He would need to do this in order to make his fans into his voters.

Jim Ross’s statement comes in a time when the talk about Dwayne Johnson’s ‘President of the US’ campaign starts to get a lot of media attention. Recently we wrote about it, and you could see it on SNL Show that he even got himself a running mate in Tom Hanks.

What do you think? Will The Rock wrestle again? Will he run for the US President? Let us know in the comments.