A review of the Vissontech M8S PRO Amlogic S912

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In a world where Smart TV’s are becoming extremely popular, it is incredibly important to understand that in order to get the best experience out of them, you’ll need a couple of external gadgets. One of those gadgets is the M8S PRO by Vissontech, and that’s exactly what were here to review today. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at what this product has to offer.

What is TV Box?

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Before starting the review, we want to explain a few things to those that aren’t very familiar with smart TVs and TV boxes. A TV box is like a mini-computer for your smart TV. It handles all of your tasks with ease because most of them are equipped with a powerful processor and enough RAM, and it allows you to fully experience your TV’s functions without any issues.

Most smart TVs are unable to provide you a smooth viewing experience without help from an external device such as a TV box, so let’s take a look at what today’s product has to offer.

The Vissontech M8S PRO Amlogic S912

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We’re going to start with the looks. The TV box is black, it has a very compact and minimalistic design, and it is pretty much safe to say that the same thing goes for its remote controller as well. Now, for functionality, things get a bit more complicated. Let’s see.

By the name of this device, we can already get a slight sense of what kind of a processor it is using. It features a 1.5GHz ARM Cortex – A53 CPU with the Amlogic S912 chip. This processor is powerful enough to handle some of your most demanding tasks, such as watching 4K content on Netflix or browsing the internet without any trouble. Feel free to visit Vissontech if you are interested in viewing this product directly from the official website.

The operating system is an Android 7.1 version, which is a very stable version and offers an amazing experience without any unexpected errors, crashes, or any other issues. It has been tested, and it works flawlessly. Besides being able to watch 4K content, you will also be able to enjoy some 3D experience as well, if you are already equipped with all the things you need. Please note that your TV needs to have a 3D feature in order for this to work, and you’ll need special glasses as well.

The device features a Dual-band Wi-Fi, and it allows you to browse the internet or stream movies without any interruptions due to a weak signal or anything similar to that. A stable connection will definitely not be a problem with this TV Box.

As for the Bluetooth connection, it features the 4.1 connectivity, which allows you to pair with any modern Bluetooth device, whether it is your phone, laptop, tablet, or whatever else it is that you are using. Last but not least, the M8S Pro features a Miracast option that will allow you to stream videos on your TV from any other device, as well as browse pictures and tons of other things.