A Guide to the Main Slipper Styles

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The ultimate form of comfort footwear has to be slippers. A pair of slippers has an unmatched warming and comforting quality, similar to a favorite jumper. To ensure that you can lounge around at home in cozy and soft comfort, they come in a variety of materials, colors and styles that you can choose from.

Since choosing a perfect fit from the available variety can be quite a challenge, here’s a description of the main styles available.

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Style: Mule Slippers

A backless slipper is basically a mule style slipper. A great option for summer, this style is unisex. These slippers, especially those designed with a solid sole, are great for slipping in and out of the house, especially when taking out the trash, due to the fact that they are easy to slip on and off; their most endearing quality. Open front women’s variants are available, even though most are designed with a closed front.

Style: Bootee Slippers

A great option for winter due to their warm nature, bootee slippers are also referred to as slipper boots. Knit fabrics, faux fur, wool and suede are the commonly used materials used to make this type of slippers. Even though you can find some great boys slippers in this style, featuring popular characters such as Batman, girls’ and women’s designs are the most common.

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Style: Full Slippers

These types of slippers are also referred to as closed style slippers. To prevent the slipper from sliding off the foot, these variants come with a heel guard. The classic moccasin is a great example of full slippers. Buyers have a wide selection of options to choose from simply due to the fact that full slippers are made using a variety of materials. While a thin textile lining ballerina style slipper is suitable for warmer weather, a fully faux fur lined variant is best for colder weather. It is also possible to get these slippers with arch support to help people’s feet stay comfortable. There is also a wide selection of soles, similar to mule style slippers, offering buyers the freedom to choose a pair for outdoor use where necessary.

Style: Novelty Slippers

As far as Christmas gifts for boys and girls are concerned, it’s worth noting that novelty style slippers are a popular choice. When it comes to the branding of a variety of products, slippers included, many entertainment entities usually license out their star characters. Since it’s highly likely that you will find your child’s favorite film, cartoon or TV character on a pair of novelty style slippers, be sure to be on the lookout when shopping.