9 Electric SUVs To Hit The Market Before 2024


Tesla is currently the best electric vehicle carmaker, but the competition is becoming fiercer. The SUVs are getting more spotlights, but what about electric SUVs? Here are 9 of such kind that will hit the market by 2024.

9. Jaguar I-Pace


The I-Pace was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November last year, but only recently has the carmaker displayed the model in red color. This gives us an insight of the production car that will arrive in 2018 and which will cost more than $50,000. This vehicle will have a range of 220 miles per charge while it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds only. The Jaguar I-Pace is expected to arrive with two touchscreens on the center console, while the virtual screen will replace a traditional instrument panel.

8. Mercedes EQ


Mercedes presented the electric SUV concept in Paris last September, whereas the production version will hit the market in 2019. This model is called the EQ, and its range reaches 310 miles per charge, while the starting price of $39,150 is a possibility, which is the price of the GLC Crossover. Interestingly enough, there will be a huge 24-inch display which shows the speed of the car, battery charge and navigation.

7. Audi e-tron


Audi introduced the e-tron quattro concept car way back in September 2015, which means that the production model is just around the corner. It should arrive in 2018, a vehicle that is equipped with three electric motors and that has a range of 310 miles, according to the German carmaker. The downside of the e-tron is that only four people can sit in it, while it can accelerate to 62 mph in 4.6 seconds. Inside, there are two touchscreen units and a virtual driver’s instrument cluster.

6. BMW X3


According to the BMW CEO Harald Krüger, the company plans to introduce the electric X3 model in 2024 while the electric Mini Cooper will precede it in 2019.

5. Ford’s Electric SUV


Ford is also expected to jump into an electric vehicle race once it introduces an SUV that will have a range of about 300 miles on one charge. According to Blue Oval, the new SUV will be sold in North America, Asia and Europe.

4. Bentley’s Electric SUV


Bentley is about to release a small SUV, but the executives are still toying with the idea to make it all-electric. Rolf Frech, the company’s board member for engineering, said: “If you are looking for such a car [small SUV] then we are looking to that in combination with the possibilities to go full electric. It only makes sense if you get really new customers into the brand.”

The Drive reports that Bentley actually promised a hybrid Bentayga in 2017, so we expect to see either a hybrid or all-electric model from the British company.

3. Hyundai’s Electric SUV


Hyundai is supposed to launch an electric SUV next year, and its range will be around 200 miles, Korea Herald confirms. We also expect to see an all-electric Ioniq with a range of 110 miles, and this vehicle will go on sale before this year ends.

2. Volkswagen I.D.


Volkswagen is optimistic as it wants to sell 30 electrified vehicles by 2025 and at least one of those simply must be an SUV. They have already assembled an I.D. concept which has a range from 248 miles to 372 miles while the production version is due to come in 2024. VW wants to go even further and make a fully autonomous variant which will hopefully arrive in 2025.

1. Tesla Model Y


Tesla wants to add a compact SUV to the lineup next to the Model X crossover, which has been confirmed in Elon Musk’s “Master Plan, Part Deux.” This SUV will be named Model Y.

0. Chevrolet Bolt (Bonus)

We also need to mention the Chevy Bolt which kind of fits into this category, and it doesn’t. It has already sold in some states such as Oregon and California, but this electric model is just about to expand. Its range is limited to 238 miles, and it takes 7 seconds to reach 62 mph, which is a solid result.

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