9We present you eight WWE couples that split

WWE seems like a great place to find a couple. You both have similar interests, and there is a chance that the relationship will work. However, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned and the relationships, which are often established in the NXT, fall apart. This is nothing unusual, and we present you eight WWE couples that split.



  1. The most shocking breakups is Big Cass And Carmella,Kelly Kelly and Sheldon,Enzo and Liv Morgan no wonder Carmella hasn’t been regularly seen on WWE television I think it’s Big Cass loss Carmella is a Very attractive girl with a lots to offer I hope she finds love one day Iam surprised Kelly Kelly is.Single Why wouldn’t you be married to this Extremely Beautiful woman I wish her the best of luck Liv is cute I understand that why Enzo is gone from WWE and She still in WWE Your article said he cheated on her with that woman that’s why he was stripped of the cruiserweight championship it’s sad for Liv I guess that why Ruby Riot took her under her wing ditto For Emma she is cute I understand why she gone from WWE I haven’t seen her on TV Since TLC 2017 And I haven’t seen Ryder on WWE TV since the start of this year he didn’t even compete in the Rumble in January I surely hope Alexa and Buddy don’t break up that would be sad and why would Bray Wyatt cheat on Samantha Rotunda with Jojo? I mean I would never do that especially with children involved in wish her the best of luck I hope Bray Wyatt gets himself back into contention for the WWE Title I feel it what he deserves I feel for Kaitlyn too such a beautiful girl with lots to offer I hope she makes a comeback and returns to WWE once again and becomes Womens Champion she is in my top 100 of my favorites Womens wrestlers of the past 15 years.


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