Every fan of Dwayne The Rock Johnson is familiar with how amazing his body is. If you’re keen on making your body perfect, we will give you true inspiration for a workout. We present you 7 exercises that we found on Johnson’s Instagram profile that may help you get in the desired shape.

You will see how Dwayne prefers his training to be like. They are not quite ordinary, but for such a look we can’t expect anything normal but rather unusual and intense even for him.

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The first exercise that you can do in the gym is on the rowing machine. This one will cover the following part of your body: arms, chest, back, abs, and legs. And, as you can see, it has worked out well for our favorite wrestler turned actor.

The next exercise involves bench presses. One of the greatest Dwayne’s features are his arms, and this workout was mostly in charge for their shape. We can see Rock who lifts 275 pounds and finishes with five half reps and 10 full reps.

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We see The Rock here preparing his chest for the next Rampage film.

Lifting 225 pounds, Johnson demonstrates how he works on his glutes. This is a warm-up where he holds the weight at the top for several seconds while his legs are tied with trusts and then brings them down for a couple of times.

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Preparing for his Saturday Night Live this guy keeps his body in shape.

A part of the body never-to-be-forgotten by Johnson is, of course, his chest which he always pays special attention to. So we see him maintaining his shape with chest flies.

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The break from Rampage movie doesn’t represent an actual break for Dwayne. His break involves triceps dips which he makes harder by having a chain around his neck.

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