6 Ways to Identify a Good Casino Bonus


Most casinos now offer a welcome bonus for new players. This is a great way for you to start playing without using too much of your own money. But as not of all of the current casino offers are equally good, how can you tell which ones are right for you?

This is a difficult question to answer as all casinos offer a variety of bonuses that gets you going, to make you keep playing or to get you out of the rut. Below, you can check out some of the things you need to consider to get a clear picture of what to do next.


1. The Amount Being Offered

The stand-out detail in any bonus is the amount of money you will receive. This is typically shown as a percentage boost to your deposit. A 100% bonus would see your deposit amount matched: in other words, if you add £10 to your account then it will be doubled to £20.

Naturally, the higher this percentage the better. However, you can’t decide which offer is best purely on this information. There are other factors that you also need to take into account before signing up to a gaming site. You will also want to understand the following points before making a decision. This will let you understand the full scope of the bonus and how to use it.


2. The Playthrough Requirements

How many times do you have to wager that cash before you can withdraw it? This is known as the playthrough requirement and the lower the number the better. For example, the average figure for playthrough requirements is usually about 30x.

Any number lower than this is a good deal, as it gives you more chance to withdraw some winnings. If we look at the best casino bonuses on www.toponlinecasinos.co.uk, we can see that 888 Casino and Betfair Casino each offer a 100% cash match but the former is 30x and the latter 45x.

3. The Minimum and Maximum Deposit

Taking advantage of a new player promotion is a popular way of testing out a new casino with little risk. Part of the key to doing this correctly is in choosing an initial deposit amount that you are comfortable with.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you will receive the bonus for the amount you put in, which depends upon the minimum deposit allowed. Equally, high rollers will want to see their full deposit amount receive the extra cash.

4. The Number and Quality of Free Spins


Some casino promotions give you free spins as well as a cash match on your deposit. This gives you the chance to enjoy some slot games for free. The first point to check is how many spins are awarded.

Then you will want to see which slots you can use them on and how much each spin is worth. They are often given out for popular games, from top providers such as microgaming.co.uk.

Finally, do you get them all at once or are the free games released little by little, with a set number to collect each day?

5. How Many Times You Receive a Bonus

It is likely that you receive a bonus on the very first deposit that you make. This is a great way to get started but it is only the beginning. Some casinos will then give you more bonuses for your next few deposits.

You could end up getting extra funds added to your account over your first five or six deposits. A few leading casinos even give you a bonus every single time that you re-load your account, rather than just when you first sign up.

6. The Games for Which You Can Use a Bonus


The playthrough requirements will tend to be on certain games. For example, only slots might not count towards them, with table games not helping you to reach this number. In other cases, certain games might be weighted. If this is the way a bonus is structured, you would need to play the lower-weighted games more times in order to complete the playthrough requirements.

You will also want to see how long you are given to complete these playthrough requirements. This is to make sure that you don’t lose the money by running out of time to finish the playthrough. Don’t forget that not only can you play on your smartphone in most casinos, but casino technology trends to keep step with the new developments in mobile tech.

How to Find This Information

When you are thinking of signing up to a casino, the basic bonus details will probably on their home page or in a special promotions page. However, to find out all of these points we have covered you might need to look for their full terms & conditions.

By understanding each of these factors, you can make a good choice and start playing with a casino bonus that is really worth it. Be sure to use a secure password and follow other good security advice when you join any casino site.