6 Time-tested SEO strategies that will improve your rank in the year 2019

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You started the venture with a dream of enjoying a holiday in Hawaii. According to your calculations just after 6 months your website will be ranked on the first page of Google. But destiny has a funny way to surprise us. Instead of ranking on the first page, your website is stuck at the fifth page.
What you need is a solid plan of action. SEO strategies that will improve your ranking and get a competitive edge over your competitors.
Time is the most valuable commodity in the world. You cannot waste time on SEO strategies that don’t work anymore. You need actionable SEO strategies that will help you sustain a position on Google search for the long haul.
Consider yourself lucky. Why? Because in this blog you’ll no-nonsense SEO strategies that will boost your website ranking without giving you small hear-attacks every day.
Without further due, let’s just get to business.

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Use an Attention-Grabbing Meta Title

Even though they say never judge a book by its title. But it is true that we pick a book because of a catchy title. The same thing happens when you use a captivating meta title to attract visitors on your website.
Google keeps updating their algorithm to make things easy for its users. If the users find what they are looking for in your meta title, they will surely open the link. Meta title is the first door for the user towards a new world. A world where you can serve the customers and get their attention.
Before you write the title, do some keyword research. Page title must inform the users what are the contents of the page? Use keywords & phrases that are getting the most attention from the users.
Use the focused keyword once in the title and once in the meta description. Don’t stuff the text with keywords.

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If you’re starting out and don’t know a thing about SEO, you can take help from a Toronto SEO Services Company, and they will do the hard part for you. The goal of the title should be to inform the visitors about the theme of the page.
The title also helps Google to understand what is on the page?
If the title is clickable users will click it, and it will increase your points in the eyes of Google.

When everything else fails, Content saves the day

Anything that you post on the internet remains there as a memory. People either take inspiration from that memory or they remember you by the things that you share on your social media profiles. If the content that you shared is valuable, people from every generation will share it and take advantage of it.
This implies that the quality of the content matters. Quality content can not just add value to the users, it will also improve the ranking of your website.
Hence, it is advised to create evergreen content that doesn’t depend upon any season. SEO is all about creating a long-lasting impact on the users. And with the content of quality, you’ll be able to achieve that.
Master the 4 Cs to create a quality content that can get the attention of people as well as search engines.

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A good example of quality content can be as follows:

  • One title might be the Importance of SEO.
  • Second might be SEO latest updates.
  • We all know that SEO latest updates will change every year, but the importance of SEO will remain the same.
  • Once you’re able to rank your blog on the Importance of SEO, it will remain there for a longer period because the content is evergreen.
  • And ultimately, good position in Google search result will give you quality leads.

Be Mobile friendly or experience a painful death

According to a survey, 52.2% of online traffic was generated through a mobile phone. A study revealed that more users own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. This helps us understand the importance of mobile phone in our daily lives. The mobile market is expanding with an exponential rate. If your website is mobile friendly, or better, don’t have a mobile app you will be left alone by Google search.
Mobile-friendly designs are the heart and soul of a successful brand. Mobile-friendly web design will automatically boost the SERP ranking. One thing to keep in mind while designing your website for the mobile is to remind yourself of the user’s experience. A good mobile experience will automatically get attention and generate traffic on the website which will eventually improve the ranking of your website.

Voice Search just made things a lot interesting

With Google Duplex you’ll be able to book your appointments automatically on call. This news created a hype in the internet fraternity.
Apart from all the hype this news also tells us about the direction on which Google wants brands to think and evolve: The voice search.
Earlier, users were able to assign tasks with Google Assistant. But in the past few years, voice search took a leap in the search industry. Every brand is now optimizing for voice search.

source: yext.com

Now, users can search anything by their voice. This opens new doors of opportunities for people who were not in favor of typing and searching for anything. They are provided with an amazing option in the form of voice search.
At one end it is important to optimize the SEO keywords to drive traffic, and at the same moment, it’s important to keep SEO voice search in mind.
While doing research for SEO keywords, it is now important for brands to optimize their keywords for voice search.

Lengthy Content is a Win-Win

There is a constant debate regarding the length of content.
Do you know the ideal content length to get yourself ranked in Google?
Science says it is more than 1500 words, around 2,000 words to be precise. It doesn’t mean that short content won’t rank at all. The only reason is that long content will give more room to add value to the user. A long-haul content will help users get a diversified knowledge about a subject. A lengthy content can cover more keywords and can rank faster than short text. With lengthy content, there will be a chance for you to rank for more than one keyword.
There are more positives to produce lengthy content than short content.

More Dwell Time to improve your overall SEO

The dwell time which is also known as the time users spend on your website can be improved with the quality user experience.
The goal of every business is to generate leads. If the user spends a lot of time on the website, there is a good chance that they will buy something from you.
Don’t miss this opportunity by providing a poor user experience. Work on the user experience and see how your articles start ranking on Google search.

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To conclude it all

It’s important to keep the users on the website to get high ranks on Google search results. The strategies mentioned above are tried and tested and you can boost your SEO by keeping these strategies in mind.