7Six Interesting Things From Johnson’s Younger Days

Today, Dwayne Johnson is Hollywood’s best-paid actor and most recognizable social media persona. More than a decade ago he was also famous under his ring name The Rock. For the last 20 years or so Dwayne has elevated his image to be one of the most popular entertainment figures in the world. Even 15 years after leaving WWE he is still the most famous wrestler ever. But it wasn’t always like that.

Just like the rest of us, he was once young and anonymous. Today, audience across the world know about every step he makes because he lets them to, through his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. When he was a child, his doings weren’t recorded and posted all over the Internet, so there are details that most people don’t know about him. Here are six things you didn’t know about Dwayne Johnson from the time when he was a child.



  1. Really? Anyone that fallows The Rock/Dwayne Johnson knows these facts. I did!! He also wrote a book about himself and family as he transitioned from football (where he was traded to Canada and then let go) to wrestling. Making his first appearance as Rocky Mivia as tribute to his father and grandfather in Royal Rumble in 1996. He held the crowds in the palm of his hands with both his mic skills and wrestling abilities! It was sad to see him go! It broke my heart. I saw him on a live taping of Raw sitting so far up in the stands we got nose bleeds! But I remember it well. (I even asked the kid in front of me put his poster down so I could see). Many years later after he was gone, I did get a front row ticket for a “house show” and got Stone Cold Steve Austin autograph. I have watched wrestling since I was a child when wrestling was in a room with a ring and about 50 fans sitting around the ring. (Jerry the King Lawler was famous for wrestling). Later I watched as it grew and was a huge fan of Macho Man and Jake the snake Roberts. I even watched GLOW. The first Wrestlemania I remember was WM III. So call me a wrestling “nut” if you will but The Rock is a huge inspiration to me! He never stops until he reaches his goal. FYI Jazzy is a doll…. those eyes will drive you crazy as she gets older and boys come around! She is stunning like her mother and father! And baby girl #3 will be along soon! I am in awe of all your accomplishments DJ!!!
    Adrienne S.


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