6 Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading Your PA to a Lifestyle Concierge


Everyone has heard of the strange things people often request PAs to do. But, really, is that what you should be using your personal assistant for, and should you consider a lifestyle concierge instead?

While in the past, it may have been okay to ask your PA to do your laundry for you, to take your dog for a walk and to even sort out your luxury villa rental in the French Riviera, Twice Agency suggests a lot has changed since then.

Many PAs now work for a number of people at any one time, so don’t actually have the time to dedicate their services fully to one person on a one-on-one basis anymore.

It may be time, therefore, to consider hiring a lifestyle concierge instead. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why a lifestyle manager is the best option for you.


They Don’t Have the Same Connections

Although PAs are known to be very resourceful, they will not have the same connections or networks of suppliers, than lifestyle concierges.

The latter position specialises in being well connected which is a huge advantage.

PAs are not Chargeable

When you hire a PA to run your various important errands, they are not chargeable and this can have an impact on your bottom line.

If your PA is going to be paid a salary regardless of how long they take to get a task done, will there really be any urgency?

A concierge is often paid per job (not always), which means they will do their very best to make you happy. Their livelihood depends on it.

Problems if You Need to Appraise a PA


If you have an issue with your PA and you have to appraise them, you could find that they may share your personal details out of spite.

It’s rare, but also a legitimate concern for anyone in a position to hire a PA. You may be a high net worth individual but regardless of who you are, you may feel an inability to properly raise concerns about your PA.

Your sensitive information being released by a disgruntled PA could be a nightmare. This risk isn’t totally gone with a lifestyle concierge, but largely minimized as they won’t be such a huge part of your life.

Your PA is Free to Move On

What happens if you have a good PA and then they are promoted or move to a different organisation?

If a PA drops everything and leaves, it’s very difficult to trust and train a new PA to do such an important job. A lifestyle concierge can be hired as and when needed.

PAs Have Their Own KPIs to Achieve

As PAs have their own KPIs to achieve on a personal level, they will be held back trying to meet your requirements, and this in turn will have an affect on their ability to reach their own goals.

Some of these goals may even include external things, such as starting a family or travelling (which takes us back to the issue of a PA being free to move on)

PAs Work For Others


Rather than working for just you, PAs often work for many others in a group, and have deadlines and responsibilities to meet.

So, they are not free to deal with your personal issues if someone else they are employed by has deadlines they have to meet.

There are many real benefits to keeping your professional and personal lives separate and a lifestyle concierge will help you do that.

Neither will interfere and meet with the other (if that’s what you would prefer).

Lifestyle concierge can be quick to follow through on your personal projects, errands and tasks without getting in the way of your professional commitments and those your PA has.

So, when you think it’s the right time for you to make that distinction between your professional and personal lives, get in touch with a lifestyle management agency.