6 Reasons Why You Should Go And Sail In Croatia


Maybe you heard, Croatia is a beautiful country. Famous for its beaches, islands and natural beauty, it offers more – great food, wines, people who, all together promise a great adventure when you visit. And the best way to live it and enjoy it is to go sailing!

1. Sailing is fun

Sailing is an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Croatia offers great beaches, hidden inlets, small and uninhabited island, nice weather (especially in the summer) and world-class wines, food, and parties. Never mind if you never sailed before, you can charter a yacht with an experienced skipper who will make sure you are safe all the time. When sailing, the summer breeze, sunbathing, swimming, stand up paddling and snorkeling will be a part of your every day. Winds in Croatia are generally milder than, for e.g., in Greece so sailing is smoother and easier and can be a great experience for families with children as well.

2. Cities and people

Croatia is a safe country where people are friendly, and cities are old. No matter where you go in Croatia this is the fact that’ll follow you. Cities old as much as two thousand years lie on the cost from Istria in the north to Dubrovnik and Cavtat in the south. Many of them exist since Roman times and offer a mix of history and modernism. Simply tour the ancient streets, enjoy small cafes and restaurants or find a great nightclub to go out. Some of them are famous movie and TV series locations which give you a great photo opportunity. Finding a spot in a marina or a buoy will be easy so you can explore a new town every day.

3. Islands and nature parks

Croatia is known as a “Country with thousand islands.” Almost all of them offer untouched beauty, stunning beaches and make interesting sailing destinations for many sailors. Island hopping is very popular when sailing. There are also several natural reserves and parks which you can reach by boat easily – Brijuni in the North in Istria, the Kornati in Dalmatia, as well as Mljet. Islands are numerous and close, in most cases hopping from one to another is done in just a few hours. If you are a sailing beginner or just wish to have fun and sail with an experienced skipper, Croatia is probably the choice you won’t regret nor forget.

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4. Wine and food

Croatian cuisine in the coast is dominantly Mediterranean, with lots of fresh fish, vegetables and olive oil. Croatia maybe isn’t famous for cuisine or wines, but some of the world’s best wines and delicatessens are from here. Shrimps, peka, soparnik, fritule, black risotto, truffles, cheeses, and olive oil, all fresh and homemade, as well as Malvasia, Teran, Plavac, Posip and other authentic wines will make you feel you dine like royals.

5. Festivals and nightlife

Sailing and nightlife can go hand in hand. Many famous festivals are located in Croatia like Ultra in Split and Hvar, Sea splash festival in Pula or nightclubs in Split, Vodice, Zadar and so on… There is something for everyone. Numerous festivals are held on uninhabited islands or outside towns, in old fortresses, and so on, with an atmosphere and scenery, you’ll never forget.

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6. Wildlife

Sailing is the best way to spot some dolphins. Although best place to spot them is when sailing in Kvarner islands (Cres and Losinj), they can be spotted everywhere. Also, be on the lookout for very rare and endangered Mediterranean monk seal.

Chartering a yacht

In the end – how to book and what to charter? If you are inexperienced or a first-time sailor consider booking a boat with a skipper who will take care of everything and ensure you have a great holiday with no worries. If you are coming with friends then book a catamaran – it’s bigger and more spacious than a sailing yacht. You can book motorboat as well. To browse and find an available boat or get an expert to help you select a perfect boat for you, please visit www.danielis-yachting.com where you can find sailing yachts, motor boats, catamarans, gulets and luxury yachts of all sizes ready to embark you to your next adventure.