The WWE decided to part ways with three stars that were on the roster, and it was a pretty big surprise for many, but somehow, we knew that something like this might happen. It was decided for Darren Young, Emma, and Summer Rae to be released. In the last couple of months, we could hear rumors about people planning to leave the company and go to the indy scene to continue their career similar to what Cody Rhodes has done. One of the wrestlers that is as good as gone is Neville and it seems that this is not final as more people are looking to leave the company. From time to time the WWE likes to clean up their roster, and that usually means that 10 people are removed from the lineup. Who might be the next?

Here we have the list of five people that might be next in line for the release. We will discuss each and every one of these wrestlers and give our thoughts about potential reasons why they might need to look for a job somewhere else.