5 Things to Keep in Mind If You Are Planning a Trek with Your Family


Trekking is the gateway to sheer adventure and is perhaps the best way to witness the pristine and virgin beauty of nature. Gone are the days when trekking is ideal only for the solo travelers as now this has become the favorite adventure spot for families as well. Trekking with families deepens bonds and benefits kids immensely. The confidence they gain, the sense of achievement they feel, the joyful memories they create, and the natural experience they learn surely last for a lifetime. It is not only a fun way to spend the holidays but it also enhances family values.

As opposed to the general perception, trekking is something that can be easily done by the youngest member of your family i.e. kids; however, it is important for you to keep some special things in mind while planning an expedition with your family. This article is packed with 5 essential things that apply to the new members of your adventure crew. Plan family treks successfully and create treasure trail memories at every corner of the trek.

  • Choose the Correct Season for Trekking with your Family

Trekking solo is completely different from with family as you cannot go way too hard on them or you cannot compromise on comfort too much.

  • It is the newest experience for your family members, and thus it is essential to pick the appropriate season to trek so that they can complete this journey successfully while collecting lots of beautiful memories.
  • Summer is the best season for enjoying a trek to the fullest because, at this time, you don’t need to carry lots of stuff on the expedition. Also, this is the perfect time you and your family members can enjoy warm days and not so cold nights.
  • A trek in the best season allows your family members to enjoy the whole experience and builds a positive mindset about this type of adventure. Their first successful trek will surely motivate them for more.
  • Find the family-friendly Trek

While planning an expedition with family, it is important to find the family-friendly trek where your family can explore the breathtaking vistas and beautiful landscape without putting extra efforts.

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  • These treks are the perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty. Furthermore, these treks are neither too easy nor too difficult and thus provide the appropriate experience to all members of your family.
  • There are plenty of easy trek options in the country where you can take your family for an adventure vacation such as Nag Tibba Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, Dayara Bugyal Trek, Beas Kund Trek, and a lot more.

According to Bikat Adventures if you are trekking for the first time you should start with Nag Tibba trek near Mussorie. It’s one of the easiest and shortest treks in the Himalayas.

  • In addition to this, make sure to pick small treks which require less walking and don’t have much elevation. Choose the weekend so that your family members can enjoy a great time while getting used to being outside and adapt themselves to the challenges.
  • How to Plan when taking kids/ children on the trekking journey?

Trekking with the youngest member of your family is certainly joyful. Also, this is an ideal way to offer them some practical learning experience. However, planning an expedition with kids is a bit tricky as you’ll have to keep a bunch of things in mind.

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  • Let your kids explore at their pace so that they don’t get tired and bored. Positive motivation will keep the kids empowered and engrossed.
  • Allow your kids to ask questions and give them a chance to explore if they see something new.
  • Don’t forget to pack snacks for them as they cannot walk on an empty stomach. These snacks need not be the gourmet meal but just simple things like fruit, snacks, granola bar, etc.
  • Kids love adventure on a wide range of terrains and trails. So, start a family tradition of going hiking at least once a month.
  • Expectations of trekking with a Family

The expedition is a whole new experience for your family members and thus you have to plan everything keeping this fact in mind. The entire idea is to constantly motivate every member of your family and keep their spirits high.

  • Do not have high expectations as your family members may not live up to it. They may break down in between and get tired of the journey. In this situation, you have to keep your patience level high and let them walk at their speed.
  • Don’t get angry or frustrated and be ready for every condition. There might be a condition when your family members are unable to take physical challenges and you have to come back without completing the trek. Don’t lose your calm in any situation, instead, be happy and try again.
  • Keep your expectation realistic and be ready to face challenges when you are trekking with kids. Don’t expect your kids to trek beyond their limits. Keep calm so as to enjoy every single moment on this journey.
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Unlike a trek with adults this is a completely different experience and thus enjoy every moment with your loved ones and appreciate this style of adventure. This can be a joyful experience where everyone motivates each other.

  • Make Trekking Entertaining

Treks can be tiring for a family, so to keep up the mood and the spirits of everyone involved try to gamify the hike. Remember, it has to be fun so adding some fun elements to your adventure can go a long way to make it memorable and pleasing.

  • The hike can be turned into an epic scavenger hunt or a nature hunt to keep everyone engaged.
  • You can organize a treasure hunt in which each family member has to gather a list of things found during hiking.
  • Encourage everyone to identify different species of plants and wildlife you encounter on the trails. This will not only feed everyone’s curiosity but also make encourage them to make observations.
  • Such cool activities will bring everyone together to work as a team, thus understand what the true spirit of trekking is all about.

It is important for a family to mingle with other trekkers and hikers for a better trek and social experience. It is a great opportunity to learn from others regarding trekking mannerisms and in the process make good friends thus significantly increasing the active participation of your family members. Social interactions with your fellow hikers has an everlasting positive impact on your kids who would like to get involved in all activities pertaining to treks and strengthens their bond with the family and others.

Planning trekking expedition with family can be daunting but this will give you an amazing experience and allows you to enjoy a trek like never before.

Go on a trek with your family and create memories that linger on!