5 Office Design Trends to Try at Your Company

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Every company is unique in how it organizes its workflow, and therefore every company is unique in what kind of office they need. However, in office design, like in any other design, every now and then trends emerge that are copied in offices throughout the world.

Have in mind that trends come and go and offices should be there as long as your business is, and they should be more than just well-designed. An office needs to be functional and comfortable to use for all your employees and for years to come.


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For a while now, minimalism is the most popular design style when it comes to offices, but also in many other cases as well. It has numerous advantages in terms of productivity since it allows the employees to focus on actual work with as few distractions as possible.

It may seem like minimalistic offices are easier to put together since there are fewer objects in them, but in fact, the opposite is true. Creating an aesthetic with limited options is much more difficult than it would be in an office that doesn’t try to be minimalistic.

Collaborative Spaces

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There used to be a time when open-plan spaces were very popular, especially with high-tech businesses. It seems like a way to make an office feel more democratic and more informal. At the same time, this presented a problem for those who prefer privacy when they work. Collaborative spaces offer the best of both worlds.

A modern office should have both traditional one-person offices suited to working alone, but at least a portion of the office should be dedicated to a collaborative space with all the features of an open-plan room. This makes it easier for teams to bounce ideas off each other but still work productively when needed.


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There’s no reason work should be as formal and boring as it once was. In fact, it might be more productive if you choose office furniture from winc.com.au as you would the furniture for your own studio or home. It still needs to be chosen based on the tasks that need to be done, but there are much fewer rules when it comes to color, style, and form.

The employees should also feel free to contribute with their own decorations and make the place more personal and welcoming since they will be spending a lot of time using it.

Modular spaces

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Even though setting up an office is an expensive and complicated endeavor, you should always be prepared to change things up when needed. This is the nature of a modern business environment, and the office needs to be adaptable for changes and expansion.

It’s best to purchase more office space than you need and to make sure the wiring is suited to adding more tech and appliances. Other than that, making the design itself modular is much easier than it sounds, especially if the office is designed with a minimalist streak.


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What’s outside your office matters as much as what’s inside. Office gardens are becoming a thing every company wants to add because they are both beautiful and proven to help productivity and overall mood around the office.

Many decide to use the garden for something efficient and grow their own produce just outside the office. It’s a great perk for your employees since it allows you to cover their snack expenses and make sure the produce is healthy and grown in an eco-friendly way. It could also be a fun group project for the employees if that’s something you’re into.

Office design is changing together with offices themselves. A minimalistic look that’s adaptable and made for collaborative work is what’s in right now. There’s also much less formality both in office design and in company cultures these days, and that’s what makes everyone more productive.