5 Dallas Cowboys Tight End Targets In Free Agency

Source: sportsday.dallasnews.com

65 Tight Ends That Could Be Backups for Jason Witten in 2018

Dallas Cowboys have overturned their coaching staff in recent weeks, but one position that they still need to fill in is the tight end coach. Their starting TE Jason Witten could do the job. He’s been a Cowboy his entire career, plus this guy is 36 years old and is going to play his 16th NFL Season. America’s Team probably never had a player who is as consistent as Witten. He never misses a game, and plays almost every snap on offense.

But, his retirement is looming over Cowboys roster, and they will soon need to find a replacement for him. Dallas franchise will explore the upcoming draft in the search for Witten’s replacement, on top of that, they could also use free agency to find him an adequate backup. Witten is without a doubt a quality player, but one that was caught up by his age. His productivity is dropping, but still, his replacements James Hanna and Geoff Swaim are nowhere near him. The backup TE’s combined for six catches and 113 yards during 2017 season.

Dallas squad and Dak Prescott could use a vertical tight end threat, which they lack with Witten. Here are five potential free agents TE Cowboys could sign.