5 Comedies Which Would Make Great TV Shows


The standard practice has been to make TV shows into movies, but that has changed slightly, and now we have movies that are turned into TV series. The storylines expand, as well as character roles, which gives producers the freedom to explore and be creative. Here are five classic comedies which would be amazing TV series.

5. Ghostbusters (1984)


In the new Ghostbusters movie that will soon be released, we will see the biggest female comedians in the business. However, the Ghostbusters would be a great TV show, and we would have a new team that tries to beat their ghost enemies. The creators would have access to the unlimited number of “ghost stories” which they can use.

4. Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day was an entertaining comedy which starred Bill Murray, and we can totally picture this movie as a series. Each week, you would get an episode where the character wakes up the same day over and over again, and you would see how it actually feels like. Also, characters and stories can be changed as the seasons pass by.

3. Revenge of the Nerds


This would be an instant classic with geeks taking their revenge on the “cool guys.” Pranks would be escalating and changing over time, but there would also be some romantic moments. The movie should just be an inspiration for the show where we would have “updated” characters who are not as stereotypical as the ones in the film.

2. Beverly Hills Cop


Beverly Hills Cop is a popular movie with Eddie Murphy. Now, imagine Eddie in a comedy cop series. Even though he has an outstanding track record as a comedian and as an actor, Murphy hasn’t made a good movie in recent years. However, with the right idea, this man would perform great in a TV series. Plus, he has played a cop already.

1. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Bill and Ted could go to a different era in history or perhaps future. We could watch to laid-back guys shocking the ancient worlds, but unfortunately, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are too old for the parts. Also, they could explore one period of time over several episodes, and there are plenty of ideas for at least five seasons.