5 Career Opportunities In The Travel Industry


Tourism is stronger today than ever before and provides more and more jobs around the world. But you can’t find a job in this industry? No wonder more and more people want the ideal mix – to turn their love of travel into their business. Therefore, we present 5 career opportunities in the travel industry.

How To Make A Career In Travel And Tourism?



For a successful career in such a dynamic activity as travel & tourism, it is necessary to constantly follow modern trends. As everyone would like to be tourist guides, animators, group escorts, and agency representatives – there are always many more candidates on the market for these jobs than the real offer of the jobs themselves. The biggest challenge for those who want to do such jobs is how to get their first career opportunity at all – because each job requires previous experience or some specialized knowledge and skills.

Travel Jobs


Young people sometimes make a big mistake because they hope that a university degree will provide them with such a job – which of course is not true. When they see that after graduation they have a degree (without experience) and there is no work – they usually make another mistake. They usually start master’s studies hoping they will get a higher title. However, they still lack experience. So how to find a job in this field?

No matter how beautiful, tourism and travel are an extremely broad and complex industry. Therefore, there are many different directions when it comes to a career. Let’s check Courses.com.au to find out what travel agent courses are. Your professional development in this business will also depend on the path you choose. Whichever path you choose – there are a few tips that can help you take that first, and mostly the hardest, step: getting a job.

Follow The Trends

No one can predict the future with 100% certainty. However, if you follow the developments and current trends in tourism and travel –  you can easily notice some trends that affect the entire sector. In the last decade, this industry has experienced great differentiation – that is, segmentation on a global level. As people travel around the world more – new market niches are constantly appearing. This has become a trend, and it stems from the increasingly diverse demands and needs of modern tourists.

Career Opportunities In The Travel & Tourism Industry

These are 5 trends in tourism that already have (and will have) an impact on this industry. So, if you want to raise your career to a higher level, then you have to be ready for a certain change of thinking – and new occupations within this industry.

1.   Digital Travel And Services

For years, the global tourism industry has been virtually unthinkable without digital technologies, so interesting projects create interesting digital tourism jobs. Today, with the help of modern technologies, we arrive at our destinations with the help of mobile applications that allow us to buy travel tickets, book and pay for accommodation in just a few clicks, or direct us to well-known and lesser-known, but must-see places. Digital services are becoming and remain indispensable components in the tourist branding of destinations.

2.   Travel Blogger


If you decide to work as a travel blogger who explores the world and writes about his travels – there are many possibilities. As this job doesn’t require a degree in tourism – with a little practice and research, this dream job can be your future. The possibility of traveling around the world and making good money can certainly be the biggest motive for starting a travel blog. According to BestinAU, if you dedicate yourself to your travel blog to the maximum, as Bashar Ibrahim, one of the world-famous travel bloggers, did – you can make a success. Moreover, after a certain period, you will be able to have a nice salary for yourself, and maybe even develop a serious business.

3.   Ecotourism


We can say that ecotourism derives from the principles of sustainable tourism. However, it is even more focused on preserving the environment, ecological understanding, and conservation. Ecotourists are people who will never stay in a hotel that destroys an entire ecosystem just to be built. Hotels can be adapted to ecotourists – for example, by using solar panels to save energy, filtering water, etc.. Ecotourism is the fastest-growing type of tourism in the world. Every year the number of ecotourists in the world increases by at least 30%! A new type of ecotourism is also appearing – it is the so-called urban ecotourism. Urban ecotourism refers to touring cities in a way that will minimize the negative impacts on the local cultural heritage – and contribute to its additional protection and preservation.

4.   Wellness Tourism


Tourists who travel to regain their psychophysical health, mental, and spiritual peace – participate in wellness tourism. Increasingly, many destinations are being promoted as ideal places for a real vacation – where they will feel better, lose weight, get rid of stress, slow down the aging process or receive therapy for certain diagnoses. Hotels, resorts, spas, salons, fitness centers, spas, health centers – all are slowly beginning to promote their wellness programs and services intended for tourists.

5.   Adventurism


This form of tourism usually takes place in unusual, exotic, remote, or wild localities and requires a higher level of participation and greater physical activity from tourists. Rafting, bungee jumping, and canyoning are well-known examples of adventure. This type of travel and tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the world – and therefore gives many a chance to venture into entrepreneurial waters.

Think About Entrepreneurship

Ideas about your own business in the travel and tourism industry will not come to your mind if you do not think about them. The first few will be bad – but it will be a great experience. When you find the right idea, the hardest part is the realization. This is where real entrepreneurs are recognized. Those who are ready to give their best for what they started will succeed. Of course, you should never give up. Try to be patient and always work on yourself. Do the right things and the results are inevitable. The fact is: You can find a job in this industry – only the job search must be approached differently.