5 Best Wallsticker Designs for Living Room

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With the help of wall-stickers, you can add color, style or texture and transform the ambiance of an interior. Today you will know about decorative wallpaper for the living room. Recent years have seen very original and innovative wallpaper patterns, and all those who rejected it in the 90s and did the impossible to try to remove the wallpaper from the walls of the living room the dining room and kitchen are now buying new patterns.

There is no option that looks more dazzling the walls of a room than the wallpaper, achieving a beautiful and pleasant decoration that can be perfectly adjusted to any decorative style. The advantage is that there are different designs and styles of wallpaper, such as floral designs, geometric, matte, bright, which Pinnacle PMC, a property management in Long Beach, says can be used to improve the decoration of one of the walls of the room or all.

Regardless of the style of decoration that your room has, the wall-stickers manages to give volume to the room that in many cases does not have furniture and much less architecture. So, if you are looking to decorate your room with a good style, with a quite original touch and with a lot of charm, then it is essential that you take into account the idea of using wallpaper for the walls.

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The use of wallpaper as a lining of the walls of a room is one of the best options that you have to improve the decorative style, since the effect is really amazing, having the ability to transform the room into a cozy space, quite social where you can spend pleasant moments. In addition to all this, the wallpaper is an option to decorate quite economical compared to other coating options. In sohu-shop.dk, you will find lots of variety of wall stickers.

Surely you will achieve a decoration of the room true to your style since it has a wide variety of patterns, materials, textures, and colors to consider. Because there are several options, many times you have to have patience and caution to be able to choose the best design to be able to improve the decoration of the salt and give it a more personalized touch.

5 best wall-stickers design for the dining room are as follows:

Feathers to let the imagination fly: A colorful and very elegant print for the living room -especially if they are a cheerful yellow color.

Advice: For small rooms, choose pastel or light shades and use small printed patterns, which give a greater sense of spaciousness.

Flowers and animals: the kings of decoration: flora and fauna give a fresh atmosphere and are among the favorite prints by users to decorate walls and textiles. You can choose a cactus, trees or flowers. As for animals, dragonflies will give the perfect romantic touch.

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Advice: Complete the Tropical chic air of the living room with a piece of natural fiber – a carpet, a bamboo lamp. Hunting trophies also work: wooden, stuffed or esparto type.

Concrete seems wallpaper: With the new techniques of stamping are achieved sophisticated and very realistic finishes. The imitations of industrial air materials, such as concrete or exposed brick, stand out.

Advice: Do you know the pain-table paper? As the name suggests is a proposal with relief that allows painting over. In this way, the decorative possibilities are endless and completely customizable.

Geometric and XXL size: This type of print never fails: it is a sober and striking print. If you are looking for a more serene effect, bet on a model that combines two colors, without high contrasts.

Advice: If you are not very handy and you find it difficult to marry the rapport (the repetition) of the drawing, hire a professional.

Medallions, damasks, and lace to give elegance: Retro prints take you back to another era and with their glamour, they create stylish environments.

Advice: Before buying wall stickers, consult different suppliers. The price of papers of medium or high quality ranges between € 30-50 per roll (5 square meters per roll); the exclusives are somewhat more expensive.