5 Benefits of Forgiveness

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When dealing with people forgiveness is extremely important. The question is, do you forgive people? In this article, let’s learn some benefits of forgiving others.

Unforgiveness hurts you

Forgiveness protects your own heart. Unforgiveness is extremely harmful, and it only hurts the unforgiving person. Your heart will begin to rot, and bitterness will begin to spread throughout your heart. That is why it is imperative that you fight against unforgiveness right from the beginning. If rocks are thrown at you, then you will most likely get angry. That is why you need God’s heart for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Otherwise, you will have a pile of rocks ready to throw at others. The mind/body connection is extremely powerful. Your thoughts have the power to make any pain worse. It can also create physical pain that was never there. Other people don’t know if you haven’t forgiven them. However, you know the truth. You know what is going on in your heart. Don’t allow it to create anxiety in your life. Take a deep breath, pray about it, and though it may be hard, forgive them before it hurts you!

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Forgiveness makes peace

No one likes friction. I always seek reconciliation if I feel like someone has something against me because I hate wars. Relationships are refreshing and rewarding when you are at peace with one another. We have to remember that we are not perfect ourselves. Sometimes people are going to do things to offend us and sometimes we are going to do things to offend other people. In a world full of imperfect human beings, we wouldn’t get very far if we weren’t at peace.

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This is especially true for a married couple. You will not get very far in marriage if you can’t learn to forgive your spouse. Marriages that last have one thing in common. Both the wife and the husband love each other conditionally. Sometimes our spouses won’t meet the conditions that we have set for them to meet in our minds. However, this is when we pour out grace on them. Just as we forgive them, they will forgive us when we don’t meet their conditions. In marriage, you learn to love and grow in your imperfection. Always create and make sure that you are surrounded by peace.

Forgiveness creates joy 

There is something that happens when you forgive. Your soul will be so overwhelmed with joy. When your relationship is not certain with someone this creates so much stress and burden. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world, and you begin to overthink everything.

However, when forgiveness happens, then you feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Enjoying life and enjoying the person that you had an issue with becomes easier. Obviously, healing needs to be done. However, you need to cover up the wound before healing can properly begin.

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You begin to grow as a person

It’s crazy that we desire mercy, unconditional love, and grace from God and others, but we are not willing to give this to other people. When you learn to forgive you grow in humility, and you begin to mature as a person. So often we see adults acting like children. It’s time to grow up and forgive. If God has forgiven you through Jesus Christ, then there is no excuse why you can’t forgive other people. It’s never too late to start growing.

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Forgive to move on

You can’t move with your life if you don’t move on from your past. If you keep dwelling on your past, then you can’t enjoy what you have in your future. Forgiveness allows you to proceed.