We don’t know much about the year 2023 but we sure as hell know one thing: Ford Bronco will hit the streets of America! Last year at the Detroit Auto Show Ford announced the Bronco along with the news that a new Ranger, based on the body-on-frame platform will arrive a year earlier. Much of the story about the Bronco remains a mystery. The company revealed details of the arrival date, general size, the basic layout but nothing more than that. However, one question stand above every other and that one is: What will the new Bronco look like?

There is a high possibility that we won’t hear anything official when it comes to looks for at least one more year, but we stumbled upon something really interesting recently. We have found a concept that looks incredibly good. We can only hope that the new Bronco will at least resemble this concept car (courtesy of a little bit because it is absolutely gorgeous.

This amazing concept found its basis on the forum’s previous two-door concept designed for the new off-roader that was released by in February 2016. Trademark features of this four-door version are a blend of retro-meets-Raptor inspiration, however, there are some new details added to the picture so that you can clearly see the idea behind this concept. For example, there is a Wrangler-style removable roof panel, and the forum stated that an insider said how it would be a feature of the final product. Other than that this rendering has a winch, knobby off-road tires and a slight lift and all of that makes this Bronco look even better.

The forum’s designer not only took the time to mock up this four-door beast from multiple angles but he also painted it in several different shades and presented it in multiple configurations with differing grilles, spare tire configurations and paint jobs. These works of art even come in different varieties of the environment which bring varying amounts of mud giving it a great feeling of a real deal.

What do you guys think about these? Would you like to see some of these features on the new Bronco? Let us know in the comments section below!