3 Wrestlers On NXT Roster That Are Ready For Main Roster


NXT has started off as a developmental brand and a chance for the newcomers to practice their skills both in the ring and their promo on the mic. But, now, it has become a third brand that WWE has and one of the most successful ones. They have great stars there and some people that are ready for the main roster but are in the NXT until they create the new faces of the NXT. Here are those guys.

3) The Revival – Yeah, this list will have four wrestlers, but we are counting Dash and Dawson as one since they are a tag team. And a good one, perhaps the best that WWE has right now. They are ready for the main roster, and they could be the best heels on Smackdown Live if the company decides to put them on that brand.


2) Bobby Roode – Roode is over with the fans already. He became a star as soon as he debuted because of that theme song that WWE made for him. Glorious Bobby Roode is one of the best things on NXT programming in 2016, and this guy looks like a legit star already. Now, he managed to become the NXT Champion, but there is no doubt that he will be a big star on the main roster once he debuts there.


1) Shinsuke Nakamura – Speaking of great stars and awesome theme songs, Nakamura is the best thing that WWE and Triple H have been able to bring to the organization. We have an experienced wrestler that has a lot of charisma and knows how to amaze the crowd. WWE put him on NXT so fans in the United States that watch only WWE can see what this man is all about before putting him on the main roster. Now, almost a year later since his first match, Nakamura is over with all the WWE Universe. He is ready for the main roster and will debut as soon as Triple H finds a guy that replaces him.