3 Ways to Rock See Through Lingerie

Image source: vox.com

Sheer lingerie is super sexy and ultra-trendy. Although it certainly isn’t new—sheer lingerie has been around for decades—is currently one of the top trends in the world of women’s lingerie, so see-through lingerie has quickly become very popular on the lingerie market. See-through lingerie can add interest and trendy, sexy style to your current lingerie collection. It is universally flattering and draws attention to the sexiest parts of your body while enhancing your figure as a whole to create a tantalizing lingerie look that your partner won’t be able to resist.

That being said, the thought of wearing see-through lingerie—even in the privacy of your own bedroom where only yourself and your partner can see you—can naturally be very intimidating, especially for women who have somewhat modest tastes when it comes to lingerie. If you want to jump on the trendy sheer lingerie bandwagon but are nervous or not quite sure how to start, have no fear. Believe it or not, there are ways to wear lingerie that don’t require you to put all of your physical assets on full display. This post details 3 ways that you can rock lingerie and includes options and inspiration for women with lingerie preferences ranging from semi-modest to all-out bold.

1. On its Own

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If you’re not concerned about modesty and want to up the scandal of your lingerie looks, throw caution and insecurities to the wind and rock wear it all by itself. Wearing sheer lingerie on its own is a brave choice that definitely requires you to be bold and leave your comfort zone behind you.

From sexy unlined bra and panty sets made from all-over sheer lace to sheer mesh babydolls and more, there are many sexy and flattering sheer lingerie styles that you can wear all on their own to create a complete lingerie look to rock in the bedroom.

2. As an Accent

When you think of it, you probably think of lingerie styles that are and leave little to nothing to the imagination. While there are many sheer lingerie styles on the market that are made from all-over sheer material, there are also many other styles that include a blend of sheer and opaque materials.

You can easily find lingerie styles that feature sexy sheer accents or detailing but that are not see-through all over. Try a sexy, skin-tight teddy that covers your most sensitive areas with opaque material but features panels made from semi-sheer lace or mesh. Styles like these that are accented with special material let you get in on the trend of sexy lingerie but still allow you to leave a little something to the imagination without baring all of your bare skin.

3. Layer It

Image source: romacostume.com

Layering sheer lingerie is a great way to dip your toe into wearing all-over lingerie without completely committing to baring every part of your body.

According to HauteFlair, you should try layering a sheer lace bra and panty set underneath a lingerie robe made from opaque silk or satin. Or, slip on a pair of see-through panties under a traditional opaque babydoll or chemise. Layering your panties and bra gives you the freedom to choose to show off as little or as much of your bare skin as you want at any given moment in the bedroom. Plus, allowing your partner to slowly remove your multiple layers of lingerie creates an unbeatable opportunity for super sexy foreplay. 

Whether you want to rock sheer lingerie on its own, wear it as an accent to your lingerie look or layer it underneath other more opaque lingerie styles, you can find see-through lingerie styles in this collection that meet your personal needs and preferences and keep you in your comfort zone.