3 Ways To Enhance Your Vehicle


Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates are one of the most sought-after ways of personalizing your vehicles. Owning and being able to display your cherished number plates (check number1plates.com) adds a certain luxury to any car that they are displayed on. Cherished, or dateless, registrations date all the way back to 1903, when the first number plates were rolled out across the UK.


You shouldn’t shy away because of the price. Some registrations can be picked up for as little as £165, and even less at auction if this is interested for you. That being said, there are 1000’s of cherished registrations that can sell for upwards of £10,000, so your budget can easily be consumed. Make sure to check that the website that you are purchasing from is a registered private number plate supplier, as if they are not, they could be selling to you illegally.

Re-map The Engine


Remapping a vehicle is the process and reconfiguring the electrical control unit (ECU) and tweaking the way in which it tells other elements of the vehicle to work. Performance can easily be improved by altering the timings and longevity of air flow, fuel injections and much more. You may be thinking, is this legal? And it absolutely is.

As long as you tell your insurance provider about the changes that you are making to your vehicle, then there is nothing wrong with getting the optimal drive from it. It is through that there is room for such improvements because manufacturers downplay the performance of the engine, so they are then able to release sportier models like Ford’s ST range or Seat’s FR. Though this may not be something that you can do yourself in your spare time, it is certainly a surefire way to enhance your vehicle.

Clean It With The Right Accessories


So many of us opt out of cleaning our own vehicles, only to look at them down the line in disappointment. Then thoughts of selling the car come flooding through, but once it is cleaned, it returns to its former glory and you fall in love all over again. So, there’s a simple solution… keep it clean!

Not only will keeping your car clean keep you enjoy being in it, it will also help the car or bike retain some of its value when you come to sell because you are more likely to remove of nicks or scrapes along the way.

We recommend using some serious cleaning products when you go to work. It’s not all about simply running some water over and letting it sit. First of all, you should use a sponge and some high-end car shampoo. On the alloys/wheels you can use a special wheel resin that lifts dirt from the surface much like some household kitchen worktop cleaners. Then after rinsing the residue from the car, use a wax cloth or wax spray and towel to give your vehicle its finishing touch. This act as a protector for the coming days and makes water and other elements slip right off of the surface.