3 Things Dallas Cowboys Need to Change For 2018


3Dez Bryant – Wide Receiver

Source: sportsday.dallasnews.com

Dez Bryant has been a huge factor for the Cowboys in the last several years, but was a five-year contract extension in 2015 a good idea? He was always an important piece in a game, but he mostly relied on physicality. Dez Bryant has not been the force this year as we expected him to be and even though he is the primary target, his production of the passes isn’t going up.

Dez is catching 50% of the passes thrown to him, but we cannot blame him for all the missed chances. Nevertheless, he should be better, and he must be better if Dallas wants to be a serious contender. Maybe, the time has come to move on. Bryant and Romo were fantastic, but Bryant and Prescott not so much.