3 Championship Matches Confirmed For WWE Extreme Rules


Extreme Rules is the next pay per view event that Monday Night Raw will have, and it will take place in a couple of weeks. Right now, the card is shaping up, and we are getting some matches confirmed for the show. Besides the big fatal five-way main event that was announced by Raw GM Kurt Angle, we also got three championship battles confirmed for the show, and two of those three were also duels that we were able to see at Payback.

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley – This match already took place at Payback, but the roles were reversed. Now, Alexa is the one that is in possession of the title with Bayley being the one that is in the chase. It is unlikely that Bliss will lose her first championship defense, but it is also going to be interesting to see if she can beat Bayley clean.


Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz – There were rumors that The Miz was going to win the IC title on Raw in order for Roman to feud with him for the belt, but it seems that it is not going to happen. We had a false finish on Raw, so now this match will happen at Extreme Rules, and Dean can lose the title if he gets counted out. The Miz winning here on a dirty heel finish is a safe bet.


Neville vs. Austin Aries – This feud has dragged out a bit. Still, it is entertaining as these two guys work really well together. We can see Aries finally winning the title, even though Neville could also very well keep the belt and move on to other things. This is the toughest match to predict out of these three.