3 Biggest Ultimate Opportunists In Recent WWE Memory


Ultimate opportunists are those guys that are usually heels and are using every possible chance to get some kind of advantage on their opponents because they didn’t want to go face-to-face with their rivals. These wrestlers always made sure that the odds are in their favor before they went into the battle. Here are the best of them.

3. CM Punk – When he played that cowardly heel role, he wasn’t as popular as he later became. Still, this was beautiful work by CM Punk who used every possible opportunity to gain an advantage on his opponents. Cowardly tactics were what CM Punk was known before that “Pipebomb promo” and he is one of the best ever to do it.


2. Edge – The Ultimate Opportunists was his nickname after he won his first Money In The Bank. He was known as a guy who knew how to manipulate the situation, and he even married the general manager of his brand so he can get those title shots whenever he wished. All of this defined his character, and he is one of the best villains of the 2000s.


1. Triple H – When it was time to play the game, there was nobody better at it than Triple H. He did have some good runs as a face, but he will be remembered as a vicious heel that often took some shortcuts to get what he wants. When he was a wrestler, he took advantage of the factions that he was a member of. When he was a member of the authority, he always had backup plans and had good people around him. Triple H took every opportunity presented to him.