3 Best Moves During NBA Deadline


NBA trading deadline is one of the most important moments of the season as teams are gearing up for the run in the postseason while some squads want to exploit the fact that some franchises are in a panic mode and maybe hit that button way too soon during the trading deadline day. Here are the moves that were the best.

Lou Williams To Houston Rockets for Corey Brewer and 1st Round Pick – We are going to put the deals here based on how good they are for just one side, but this is a perfect deal for both sides. Houston Rockets have gotten Lou Williams, a guy that just scored 27 points in his debut for the Rockets. He is a great player off the bench, and he is going to help them big-time. 1st Round Pick is what the Lakers need, while Lou is something that they don’t need, at least not at this moment.


Nerlens Noel To Dallas – This is a beautiful move for the Mavericks as they might be getting their player for the future. Nerlens Noel is one of the best options that the Mavericks could have picked as he is one of the players that is dying for some play time. Noel wants to prove himself, and the Dallas Mavericks just gave him a chance.


DeMarcus Cousins To New Orleans – Even though they didn’t do so good in their first game, Pelicans made the right move by not giving up anything of great importance for their future. Now, they have shown Davis that this is the place for him to be and that the management will do everything in their power to make New Orleans his only team that he will ever play for.